The End of the Road

Blog_Header-Hongi After three months, three countries and a whole tidal wave of epic experiences, we have reached our final day of this incredible journey. As we, your OE’s, sit at Brisbane… Read More

Under the Sea

Blog_Header-Hongi “I dove in The Great Barrier Reef,” is a prestigious statement that only a select few lucky people in the world can say is true. Well, all 3 of our… Read More

CVA and Farewells

Blog_Header-Hongi The first surprise came upon arrival to CVA, when we were split into two pre-determined groups that we would then remain with for the week at Conservation Volunteers Australia. One… Read More

Vinaka Fiji

Blog_Header-Hongi My time in Fiji has been something out of a story book. I went into the village stay expecting to be sick the entire time. I was pleasantly surprised by… Read More

Togalevu Living

Blog_Header-Hongi Bula Vinaka from Togalevu, Viti Levu, Fiji! Over the past two weeks, the Hongi group has been lucky enough to live amongst the amazing people of Togalevu. During our time… Read More

Onto the Village!

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi Bula! After diving into the crystal clear waters of Fiji, we are excited to embark on our next chapter in the village. The last three days were spent doing cultural… Read More