Prema Shanti

CD_Blog-Header_Hongi   Namaste all!!!! The group is very happy to let you all know that we are all at peace and found tranquility in our lives….ok maybe not completely peaceful and… Read More

Our week with CVA!

Hello friends, family, and random readers! Well, we’re back in Adelaide! We just recently finished doing conservation work with the Conservation Volunteers of Australia. I think I speak for all… Read More

So since we were getting some complaints about a lack of pictures here are some more random pictures from our time in New Zealand. The first two are from our… Read More

Wow, what a week! These have truly been the quickest 5 days so far! We started by meeting Tran, the most awesome dude in the universe, at a hostel in New Plymouth. He… Read More

Work Hard, Play Hard

Yesterday we said our tearful goodbyes the people of Nananu. After an all night Kava ceremony with endless dancing and inevitable yawning, the Nau’s and Mangu’s sang us off as… Read More


Hi from Olivia and Cameron!! Fiji is beautiful! We have been staying at Mango Bay resort and Wednesday we leave to the village for our two week home stay. We… Read More

Hey look… Fiji!

Hello readers! We’re here! The resort is really nice and the food is delicious! The first thing we saw when we arrived were gorgeous mountains and we can’t wait to… Read More