FIJI Time!

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi The hot and heavy humidity covers me like a blanket, as sweat drips down my for head, and falls towards the floor of the bus. I look to my left… Read More

Home stay in Fiji

Blog_Header-Hongi Our first week in Fiji has been an exciting one! We arrived at the airport and immediately felt the hot, heavy air. After piling all of our belongings, ourselves included,… Read More

At The Marae

  Greetings from the young and adventurous Hongi!! We successfully lived at the Marae for five nights. We stayed in Rapaki and were introduced to the Maori and their humble… Read More

BMAC Interviews

Blog_Header-Hongi Q: What was the most challenging part of this week for you? A: “Rafting. It was stressful getting stuck in the rocks so often and it was cold and wet.”-Ben… Read More

Scavanger Hunt

Blog_Header-Hongi Hello everyone! Today in Auckland we are doing a scavenger hunt that requires us to post a blog. Hello to everyone back in the states! We have had a wonderful… Read More

The Hongi crew is off!

Blog_Header-Hongi G’day Everyone! This precocious group of young travelers have met up with Christian and Megan, their fearless overseas educators, and all are incredibly excited to begin their journey together. Stay… Read More