Yesterday we left the beautiful fort portal and came back to the still beautiful but grungy kampala. While still in Fort Portal we got to see Eddie ( a friend of currys) graduation gear before him, his girlfriend Nadja, and Curry went off to his graduation. It was his last day at mountain of the moons university! needless to say we were proud. Thankyou so much mom for sending money! Some pretty bad news, ive twisted my ankle and will probably not be able to go river rafting . We still have a day of resting so i am hoping that my ankle will get better but neither the pain, swelling, or bruising is subsiding. DONT WORRY though! I am perfectly okay and what better way to rest an ankle is there then sitting under a eucalyptus tree reading a book while someone from the group takes care of me .

Pierre’s birthday is coming ever nearer and i cannot wait to here all about it!?!? Also mom i wanted to say thankyou for reasurring me about dad and you. All we hear about is economy losses, budjet cuts, and Campaign’s being stopped. All we can se here is british newscast and they make it sound like a great depression is taking place in America! see what happens when i leave you… Anywho we all have to vote here, because are group leaders are very adamant about that kind of stuff, exactly why i know more about politics and whats going on in hte economy here then i ever do when im back home. The only problem is i dont know who to vote for. i know nothing about either party, but my whole group is voting for Obama. I dont want to feel forced to vote for him (i sort of am) but then again i dont think i have a choice.

I brough some material in Fort Portal and i am going to get something made for me in jinja i am really happy about taht since they make things for you here for about $2.50. Everything here is so cheap but the deceaving extra zeros are very funny. the current exchange rate is about 1600 shillings to 1 dollar. I think that soon i will be just buying clothes as i go since i have almost no clean clothes and hand washing has become my biggest fear. It is sooooo irritating!!!! the things i cannot wait to come back for are at the moment: dishwashers, cheese (we all weirdly enough miss this the most…), and all of youu!!!

I will try to call when we are jinja which should be four days from now!

Bonjour Mamy et Papy!!! Love you all.