We arrived safely in Ladakh after a stunning plane ride, overlooking the Himalayan mountains. Although we had little sleep, there was no way we could close our eyes to the fantastic view of the sun rising over the snowcapped mountains. Once at the SECMOL campus, we were able to rest, meet the amazing students and begin to adjust to the high elevation of about 11,000 feet. For the most part our daily activities include eating all meals with the students, helping during work hour and with individual responsibilities, participating in the English conversation classes, and getting to know the students via volleyball (and various sports), dancing and day-to-day conversations. We have also been learning a little of the Ladakhi language. Right now we are wandering the streets of the town Leh which is about a half hour from SECMOL. The locals are generous and kind and we have really enjoyed learning about their culture and way of life.
Look out for more updates as we continue on our journey!
Eva and Ariel