A delayed Gibbon Experience

Hello avid and probably confused readers!

I would like to apologize for this late entry on our Gibbon Experience as it was almost assuradly not quite as recent as the timing of this blog would indicate! try about 2 weeks or so back in time.

In any case we all enjoyed the Gibbon Experience immensely. Trekking through hilly and steamy jungle terrain was not nearly as high in quantity as our Nam Ha Challenge but it was certainly close to it in quality in some places. Anywho our first day consisted of jeeping in on a 4×4 truck a 3-4 hour drive if I remember correctly. The last hour and some change was spent on some really rough roads and muddy tracks festering at the bottom of almost every big hill. I think it is also safe to say that the drive back was just as entertaining.

But onwards to the meat of our adventure….and you will hardly believe it…We stayed in treehouses way up in the canopy or even above! wowzers! Falling out was a most guaranteed way of dying. Never fear all precautions for safety were set in place. Getting into the tree houses required a harness strapped to you and a roller thingamajig attached to the harness…..and lastly attaching the roller to a steel cable stretched out from a thick stable tree to the treehouse. A small push and off you went, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiipppppp! and presto there you were. It should also be mention that some of these ziplines spanned many gullys and at a maximum of about 300+ meters in length for some of them and had a glorious height…errr well high enough to see everything below you 😀 <---(thats a smily face) Our days consisted of eating meals in tree houses zipping around and believe it,or not, that we never saw ONE gibbon. Other than that it was a fairly cool experience flying across gullies at about 40+ mph on a steel cable….and I heartily suggest signing on for a gibbon experience…if only for the zipping around HEHE! PS. I was having a gastly time with my photobucket account….the computers here not really great as they upload 1 picture per 10 minutes or so. Ill be sending out a disc or something to each member of our trip so they can share with their friends and families sometime after the trip. PEACE OUT!