Hi All =]

We are back (and for the most part healthier thankfully) in Delhi after spending 5 glorious days trekking through Hemis National Park in the vast Himalayan mountain range. In what has been the highlight of the trip so far for many, we typically hiked a few hours each day while spending the rest of the time partaking in Himalayan homestays. The people we met and lived with briefly were very genuine and warm; and despite the language barrier, we were able to still determine where the bathroom was and inform them their food and tea was delicious. Briefly stopping in on these families’ lives for a day at a time was a fun and educational experience. Along the way, some of us acquired culturally unique goods such as homespun yak wool and exquisite, hand-crafted copper spoons to bring home to….YOU! After these 5 days of trekking in the mountains that followed the banks of the Zanskar and Indus rivers, we returned to Leh to spend a night in a guest house before returning to Delhi. In a very sentimental moment for most of us (tears could be seen in Topher’s eyes) we stopped in at SECMOL for one last round of tea and goodbyes for all. The next day we said our final goodbye to our amazing guide/mother/everything one would want in a host aka. Mama Kunzes and departed on an early flight granting us one last view of the majestic Himalayas before an abrupt arrival into the smoggy skies of Delhi. Soon, we will be heading to Rishikesh via train to do activities such as rafting on the Ganges, as well as a week of yoga and the accompanying ashram lifestyle. More updates to come soon. May peace and love grace all of you in your daily lives, despite the lack of our presence (and presents).
~Topher and Amy