So we now come closer to the two week mark of the end of our trip through Fiji New Zealand, and Australia.  To some of us it might feel like it was all a dream, composed of beautiful landscapes, wonderful scenarios, crazy, and sometimes inappropriate, characters, and of course, fried shapes.  Coming back home can be like waking up from a dream.  Suddenly we realize many of the responsibilities awaiting us, the events of the dreams from the previous night don’t seem to relate too much to the current reality, and we could be a little groggy after the transition.  For some, the transition is quite easy and joyful, with relatively little bumps in the road.  Whatever the case may be for each of us individually, we should ask ourselves the following questions: Have I come home feeling more empowered and confident than before I left?  Am I staying present in each moment I do the things I used to do before the trip?  How can I maintain the positive changes that have been made recently?  Are you my nau?  Where’s Gabe?
From Momo and Benji, we wish you all the best from here on out.  Hopefully the memories of the trip, the important ones, will stand out more as time goes on and as you become more adjusted to the world you left 3 months ago.  It was a great trip for the both of us, unforgettable- and we mean that in all ways. 😉  So, be sure to keep track of you hat, keep your lips puckered for photographs, remember that 8 spades does NOT beat a misere bid, squirrels can dance, and to never, ever  miss tea time.
We love you Justin Bieber!
Benji and Momo