Whats up Carpe Diem, family, friends and prospective students?! Cecilia and Josie here writing from The Meeting Place Cafe in Cuzco, Peru. Life has been really excellent so far. We’re both currently living in the healing house which is why we are writing this together. Literally, we are each using one hand to type this….

We do yoga everyday, en la manana, and then spend our afternoons chillin, talk to other housemates/travelers, making jewelry (http://www.etsy.com/shop/1OM?ref=seller_info), and doing acroyoga. We were actually just introduced to Acroyoga and we are already obsessed! Josie met a bunch of Peruvian Clowns and got to perform with them at a 7 year old’s birthday party, and has been taking informal poi lessons and been playing with fuego everynight!

We’ve also been volunteering at a local cafe The Meeting Place, making coffee, serving tables and experimenting with the espresso machine. Originally Josie was planning on volunteering with another organization but life happened and it didnt work out. So she found Cecilia and fell in love and now they live in the same house and it’s awesome.

We have both completed our Reiki trainings so now we are all attuned to the universe and it’s energy. Anyone want a healing??

Cuzco is fantastic and very Peruvian. There are tons of tourists in the area we live but we still find plenty of opportunities to practice our Spanish and interact with locals and Argentinean hippies.

Thats it for now, we’ll update you when we’ve gotten better at acroyoga!

chao chao chao !!