So Natalie and I are here in Entebbe Uganda on our scavenger hunt, kicking butt and taking names. We had an awesome lunch at a place called Faith’s Restaurant. We enjoyed some Matooke (savory plantain mash) and sauce. There was a sweet animal program playing on the TV and included a bit of Lake Victoria, which we went to yesterday! We’ve been staying at a hostel that is about 10 minutes from town. On Sunday we leave Entebbe to go to Jinja Town, where we will be near the source of the Nile and beginning our first volunteer project at Soft Power Education. So we saw the giant bird Dan was finally talking about and it is HUGE! We decided to take an awesome selfie with this BEAST! We just blew the other teams out of the water, step it up guys. Scavenger Uganda 2013!

-Natalie and Duncan

Thing is freakin' massive!
Thing is freakin’ massive!