Hey there! This is Mia and Fred checking in at the humble Internet Cafe located on the main strip of downtown Entebbe. Entebbe is located on a hill overlooking the peaceful Lake Victoria. Directly adjacent to the lake is the Botanical Garden filled with ancient trees, vibrant red flowers, termite hills, and hidden monkeys (which we didn’t get to see!!) Walking down the hill of the gardens leads you to the calm and sandy beaches of Lake Victoria. We enjoyed Tangawezi a spicy Ginger Beer without the alcohol while sharing pictures and sitting under thatched roof huts.
A short walk up the hill brings you to the main street of Entebbe where one can find small shops and restaurants serving local yummies. Mia & I enjoyed Matoke (banana mash) with yams and beans for lunch today. Despite the language barrier people have been super friendly and helpful. Farther uphill we found the market. Full of shacks and stands selling various fruits, meats, vegetables, and haircuts.
We managed to get lost while exploring in the surrounding neighborhoods. A disconcerting mix of gated houses and run-down shacks with tarps preventing rain. All around you will find adorable children eager to say hello accompanied by a speeding Bota-Botas (motorcycles) and roaming goats.
Despite the rainy start to the day, the Ugandan weather has been warm and breezy, a nice alternative to the cold weather on the East Coast. We hope all is well in the States and will check in again soon!


Fred & Mia