Adventuring in our last week in NZ!

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Our group arrived at "Blue Mountain Adventure Center" and the first day we got to canoe across a lake to the island where we camped under a tarp listening to the rain. We learned how not to leave a trace in the outdoors and shared personal stories as the sun went down. The next day we went caving after we canoed back from the island. We all thought it was thrilling to squeeze through tiny crevices and get to see glow worms, which we learned are actually more like spiders than worms. They have the most beautiful glowing neon poop that looked like tiny green stars on the cave walls. The next day we repelled down a cliff surrounded by the green scenery of National Park, New Zealand and after had the choice of mountain biking or hiking while we got a refreshing natural shower during this overcast week. Our last day we got to top it all off with white water rafting and enjoyed intense laughter and screams caused by falling off rafts, splashing each other and enjoying the company of our enthusiastic guides. Over all it was a rewarding week of team building, improving communication and encouraging each other to reach our full potential and enjoying every moment of our experience here. 

-Morgan M