The ocean.. what a treat she was to us. After making a trip on a ferry midst a thunderstorm from Ometepe to hopping on a bus to San Juan del Sur, Nica, the gentle waves of the Pacific were beaconing us. We arrived at Casa del Oro, a sweet set up of a hostal, Mitch (from Bona Fide) from Bona Fide manages. Settling in, our tummy growls navigated us to chow down at a pizza joint then later indulge in new access to internet. The sounds of Australian surfers in the common area sang us to sleep as we anticipated the next day full of sand and salt. Rise and shine we jumped on a bus with boards in tow making our way to Playa Maderas. It was an exciting day as many in our group were embarking on the beginning of their surfing journey with a goofy instructor named Nelson. haha 🙂 The impact zone was gnarly to get past so paddling out for party waves was the ultimate satisfaction of fun.Lots of laughs, salt, sun and wax surrounded us on our first day with many standing up and shredding! wahoo baby! The sunset kissed the sea and the day was done. Day two found us at a very secluded beach called Playa Ramonsa. Some girls relaxed on the beach and soaked up some rays while Kevin, Frankie and Chloe danced on some clean curls. Lots of good rides, some wipeouts and mysterious close outs resulted in another party wave session joined by Bria and Brynne. Later we munched on burritos and made very wise purchases at a local surf shop. Very wise and justified purchases 🙂
That night Mitch and us all ventured to a noodle shop filled with new teriyaki flavors and a rest from gallo pinto. yowza.. The moon smiled upon us as we prepped for our journey to Costa Rica. Grateful hearts for our experience and bonds thus far and the lights within all of you cool souls reading. Salud amigos y familia
Paz, Cloconut