Wow! Week 7 already??!!
This week we stayed in a small rural community near Xela, Guatemala. We stayed at the school called Escuela de la Montaña! Though we lived at the school, we ate our meals with families in the community. Most of the meals included lots of tortillas, beans, vegetables, and sometimes pasta. I think everyone avaraged about 15 tortillas per day at least! All the families made them fresh for every meal. So yummy!! We spent the week studying one on one with different Spanish teachers. All the teachers were so nice and helpful. One of the days we went to a nearby soccer field and played with the teachers! Another afternoon, an Abuelita from the community taught us how to make Platanos Rellenos( fried banana with beans inside) . However, during the week we mostly just read every afternoon. There were 2 super comfy hammocks that everyone fought over everyday and an amazing library. The fresh mountain air and thunderstorms made it perfect for curling up with a book every day after classes. We even got a few girls to hop on the Harry Potter band wagon!

On the weekend we went to Laguna Chicabal. It is a sacred lake on top of a volcano. It was quite the trek. The hike was beautiful, though when we got to the top, the lake was completely covered by clouds. A little spooky! We then went back to the school and had a little half-way-through ceremony aboout everything we have learned thus far on the trip. It was a week full of lots of Spanish learning, a few uncomfortable moments when eating with the families, and lots of book reading!

Hasta Proximo!