Sergio and I, Mary just completed the craziest scavenger hunt in Dehli. We got lost a few times but all is well. Just yesterday we were mindlessly following our leaders around wondering how they possibly knew which direction to go when there are about 678 alley ways on each road. We had wonderful conversations with kind Indian people and ate some nice french fries at mcdonalds since we felt a little nervous of the surrounding street food. We also bought toilet paper, a group mascot, some snacks, and kiwis for the group. I think we won this scavenger hunt!! Dehli is so overwhelming in the most amazing ways. We are having trouble falling asleep at night because we have so many different conversations about all the feelings we are having here, it is truly the most hectic place we have ever been to. But even in all the craziness, after our scavenger hunt we were able to find a quiet corner to sit and sip on the beloved chai tea and watch some Tibtan elders pray next to their temple. So far so good, we are all in love with India.