After the first few days of orientation in Majnu Ka Tilla, a Tibetan Refugee Area, we were cast into the real world of India, its capital, Delhi. The juxtaposition between India and America helped us realize how different we can become, especially because of our advantages granted by a first-world setting. Food, water, cleanliness all come into question every day. We, more often than not, take all of these resources for granted. It’s only the fourth day and we’ve already come across many of the country’s walks of life, mostly those impoverished. As we travel to different parts of India, we’ll be challenged more and more, culturally, personally, and emotionally. Next, we’ll be going to Rajasthan to live at homestays, urban and rural, and teach at a local girls’ school! We all thank you for your support and love. Or, as the Indians say, Dhan’yavad. :3

-Grace, Mattchu, and Rae