That’s a Wrap!

By Hannah and Alex

To our monos –

Wow! We cannot believe the semester has come to a close. What an incredible journey we have completed and will without a doubt remember for the rest of our lives. As we take a moment to reflect, we are awe-struck and inspired by how much you all have grown and transformed. We feel honored and grateful to have shared the past three months with all of you.

We remember first meeting at the airport, the awkward scavenger hunt, and the scramble to catch our flight to Guatemala City. We remember cheering on the Super Chivos, battling rainstorm after relentless rainstorm, and our time at MYF meditating, zenning out in the Ohm Dome, and listening to words of wisdom (in a sense). We remember the tortillas, the gallo pinto, the plantain chips, and the hot sauces. Oh, and Tate’s nearly 350 bananas. We remember the humble living of the people in Fatima, the kindness of the individuals in Penas Blancas, and the blue-gusher Laguna Apoyo. We remember cramming into mini bus after mini bus to the tunes of 311 and Usher. We remember the hot black sand in El Paredon and the trek through the highlands of Nicaragua. We remember the 24 hours of “silence,” and the various coffee tours. We remember dropping you off at your first homestays, scared and somewhat Spanish-less, and then having you walk confidently to your final homestay mothers not months later.

What we hope you remember is how truly capable each and every one of you are. How pushing past your comfort zone can lead to remarkable discoveries and how extending yourself into new possibilities can reap unfathomable rewards. We hope you remember the values of gratitude, hard work, and kindness. Remember the importance of community and the ability to connect with individuals regardless of their differences. Know that we are here for you always and can’t wait to see where the journey takes you.

Keep catching those coconut bliss waves.

All our love,
Alex & Hannah