Shout out from Portland!

By Overseas Educators Matt & Katie

Matt and Katie here at Carpe Diem headquarters!

For the past week we have been diligently preparing for our three-month journey to the South Pacific. It has been exciting, busy, playful, and overall dynamic; much like the adventure that awaits us!
We are so excited to meet the crew that we’ll be traveling with for the next three months and hope that you are enjoying you’re time with family and friends before you head out on Tuesday!

As we embark on this adventure, we are thinking about “hongi”, the traditional Māori greeting of pressing noses and becoming one. This cultural practice is an inspiration for us as we prepare to come together as a new group. We may have many different life experiences, perspectives, and values that make us unique, however the collaborative challenge of forming a new group and traveling to an unknown land has the power of transforming the individual into an interconnected member of not only our new learning and traveling community but the greater world.
If you are feeling a little nervous right now, just remember that 1. That’s ok, and 2. you’re not alone!

See you!
Matt and Katie