That’s it! It’s a wrap. Al final. By now, students have traveled on to their respective places that they call home. Saying goodbye to them was bittersweet, sad to see them go but grateful that we were able to see them grow in many ways over our journey together. In the last three months we have been able to see three different countries and experience three different cultures. We have endured the worst mosquito bites in the world as well as summited volcanoes. We have traveled by bus, car, train, tuk tuk and boat across mountains, rivers, and peninsulas. We celebrated two birthdays, moved a family into a new home, and saw sea turtles (Brian thought they looked like dinosaurs) build their nests and lay their eggs on the beach by the light of the moon, SCUBA dove in Roatan, and witnessed breathtaking sunsets. We hope that our students will reflect fondly on this experience and take their transformation here into the next phase of their lives, whether it be college, a Latitudes placement or even snowboarding at Whistler (Nico). Que le vaya bien chicos!