Latitudes Spring 19 is under way!

Greetings Latitudes families and friends,

We have had an exciting couple of weeks with our 2019 Carpe Diem Latitudes cohort! Last week, all 27 students came out to Camp Angelos in the Portland, OR area to participate in a 3 day orientation. It served as a refresher for a lot of the topics our students covered during their group semesters in the fall, while also going over situations and scenarios that they are likely to encounter during their time abroad this spring. It was great getting such a group of young, intentional and excited students together before they all embark on their own individual adventures!

Speaking of which, the vast majority of our students have set off to their volunteer placements and have been digging in to their new environments. As students continue to get settled in their new communities, we will be receiving blogs from them that will be posted here to this site, hopefully with some pictures to boot!

Here at Carpe Diem, we are thrilled to be watching and working with all of the students as they take these next steps in life and education. It was such a great opportunity to meet them all, and we are proud of the group we have out there.

Stay tuned for more blogs from the field!

Students standing in a “map” of their respective placements

There were many workshops and info sessions on how to make the most out of student’s Focused Volunteer Placement!

There was also lots of cozy fire time!