Tess’s Vignette

    I grew accustomed to seeing dogs speeding along the road with soda cans tied to their tails. Or the daily incident in which four dogs were intertwined with one another… Read More

    Billy’s Vignette

    So after our first week in Viñales we moved to the more rural part called Los Jasmines. This was for our farming portion of the trip. We had amazing food… Read More

    Julia’s vignette

    We were in Viñales and everyone was geared up for a relaxing day on the beach. When we all went to meet up to head out on said adventure, Grant… Read More

    Bryan’s Vignette

    BK ‘barracuda’ Kohler presents: a Vignette We were at a restaurant outside Bayamo, experiencing ‘Cuban time’: Two hours of waiting and still no food. I felt fine as I had… Read More

    Zoe’s Vignette

    Coming to Cuba I had no idea how intertwined dancing is in the culture here. I’ve yet to meet a single Cuban who can’t girate their hips like a professional.… Read More

    Nina’s Vignette

    A week of stomach sickness, homesickness, and heat had drained me emotionally. It was Los Jazmines, smack dab in the middle of the trip, and I was getting in my… Read More

    Grants vignette

    In Playa Larga, one of the last cities (towns) we visited, the contrast between old “Hemingway Cuba” and the modern Cuba involving casa particulars and restaurants was incredibly visible to… Read More

    Sean’s Vignette

    I’d say my most memorable experience was the one that came to mind when asked the question. It’s not very crazy or incredibly interesting but it has value to me.… Read More

    Kemper’s Vignette

    For those who don’t know, Cuba has been experiencing a severe drought over the last few years which makes it very challenging for farmers to grow crops. One afternoon during… Read More

    Exploring La Habana

    Blog by Tess Dreizen Our first week in La Habana was full of many exciting things. We began our week by visiting the largest amusement park in Cuba. The park… Read More

    Las Terasas!

    Blog by Sean and Colin Hola, Hello, and welcome to our 7th (I think) blog! This week we began our retreat in Las Terasas, named for the terrace like system… Read More