Excited to Meet the Crew!

Sawadee Kha/Krap Sabai crew! This is Cari and Jonathan here, reaching out from Portland, Oregon. We hope you are all as stoked as we are for our upcoming adventures! We have been racking our brains to ensure the most epic experiences that will blow your mind! If you are feeling those pre-departure jitters, just know that it’s normal, and it means that you are about to have a truly meaningful… Read More

Artisan Classes in Stonetown: Photos

Photos from Matt and Michelle, our fabulous Overseas Educators A big thanks to our OEs for even more great photos. The Nkula crew spent a week in homestays in Stonetown, Zanzibar. They spent the days taking classes from local artisans and learning the basics of traditional woodcarving, “Tinga Tinga” painting, making natural herbal remedies and beauty products, and music. They also got to visit Prison Island (known locally as “Changuu”)… Read More

Thanksgiving with the Fam

Blog from Isabel S. Photos from Isabel, Peter, and Bria It is almost 9:00am as I climb the steps to the dining hall. Still a little groggy after three hours of early-morning meditation and yoga, I feel a nudge a little too forceful and hear in an excited Alec whisper, “Happy Thanksgiving”. My face slightly brightens as I realize what day it is back home in America. I think about… Read More

Mangroves, Fish, & Amoebas, Oh My!

blog and photos from Kyla M Taking a turn from cultural constipation, our group members were plummeting (literally!) Thanks to my bad luck, I got the worst of an amoeba invasion (a bacterial infection caused by consuming dirty water). It has definitely been a nerve racking experience having to go to the hospital in a foreign country, but it has taught me how to be brave and to always look… Read More

Dharmalaya: Natural Building & Karma Yoga

Blog from Atticus Flannigan-Burt. Photos from Cari Our time at Dharmalaya was a good one. All the staff, architecture students, and workers were kind, patient and knowledgeable. We learned a lot across a myriad of subjects – from brick-making to vegan cooking and meditation. Meditation was an important part of our time at Dharmalaya. We spent thirty minutes meditating every morning and on some days another half hour before bed.… Read More

And They’re Off…

We’ve heard from the Sabai Crew and all is well in San Francisco. 11 of the 12 group members gathered smoothly (and the 12th will be flying from Dubai to meet the group in Thailand). Thanks so much for all of your support in getting the students to this step. We can’t wait to hear about their adventures as they journey through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam over the coming months.… Read More

India Bound!

We’ve received word that the whole Shanti Fall ’17 crew has gathered in San Francisco! Though they have 20+ hours of transit before arriving in Delhi, spirits are high and the entire crew is looking forward to what’s ahead. Thanks to each of you for supporting the students in getting to this step. We’re wishing the mighty Shanti Crew the best of luck in this upcoming semester and can’t wait… Read More

Shiva Heads to India

We’ve received word that the entire Shiva crew has gathered safe and sound in the San Francisco airport. Spirits are high and everyone is excited to begin the journey! Thanks to everyone back home for all of your support in getting our students to this first courageous step. We can’t wait to follow along on their adventure and will be wishing the crew the best of luck. Next stop… Hong… Read More

Latitudes Year Reflection

Blog from Harvey G My advice to anyone considering a gap year would be: Do Carpe Diem. There are so many reasons, but here are a few ones that come to mind: I feel more prepared to go into college now that I’ve completed my year abroad. I’ve had a big range of experiences from surfing on the coast of Peru to hiking to 17,000 feet altitude. I made some… Read More

Latitudes Year: Wildtraks

Post by Hollyn H Wildtraks, in Sarteneja, Belize, was the perfect placement for me. I can’t believe that it’s almost over but I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Wildtraks is a rehabilitation center for primates and manatees. They have spider and howler monkeys of all ages but my job is to care for several baby howler monkeys in the nursery. When I first got here, i was only… Read More


Blog from Matt and Rachel “We embark on trips to discover and remember what we hold most dear, the experiences and people we cherish and love. And then – our greatest challenge – we return home seeking to enact the wisdom as best we can in our daily lives.” -William Cronan We, as leaders, feel proud and fortunate to sit in the afterglow of a superb semester together. Now as… Read More

Inti Is Homeward Bound!

We’ve just received word from Rachel and Matt that the Spring ’17 Inti Crew is through airport security and about to board their flights. A huge congrats to them for a beautiful semester, and much gratitude to all for the support. Keep an eye out for one final blog from the leaders in these coming days, and in the meantime we’re wishing all of the students safe journeys and joyful… Read More

Lasting Impressions

We’ve just received word that the Mighty Shanti is off! Two students are staying on to explore India; one is heading back to Australia; and the rest are currently boarding their flight back to San Francisco. Much gratitude to all for the support over these last months, and please enjoy this final reflection from our extraordinary Overseas Educators Twelve weeks ago, we were sitting in a circle in Raj Ghat… Read More


Blog from Liam K I think the main thing that I learned from my time in India is what being happy really means. Before going on this trip I felt lost and not sure what I wanted to do with my life. Although I didn’t find a dream career or a job I know I want to do for the rest of my life while traveling in India, I now… Read More

Kifaru is Homeward Bound!

We’ve just received word that the Kifaru crew is all checked into airport security and, after 3 wonderful months together, are parting ways. A huge asante sana (thank you!) to everyone who has supported the journey along the way, from our incredible contacts and hosts in East Africa to friends and families back home. An especially big thank you to our rockstar Overseas Educators, Kelsi and Chris, and to all… Read More