Blog from Riley S. Photos from Kelsi & Chris Greetings from Zanzibar, friends. We have recently spent the last week exploring paradise! After an hour and half voyage on a crowded ferry, we finally made it to Stone Town. There we found ourselves greeted by our guide. He showed us to our home stay. We spent six days staying with Muslim families in the heart of Stone Town. Each day… Read More


Blog from Jennifer Owens We ended our week at Lobitos with a goodbye dinner and campfire singalong, and loaded up a van at 3 a.m. to begin our travel day to Ollantaytambo, a town of 3,000 near Cusco, Peru. In contrast to the hot sun, desert-like climate, and ocean air of Peru´s northern coast, the mountains of the Sacred Valley are cool and green, where wildflowers grow among the chacras,… Read More


Blog from Nelyn Phillip “Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek” -Dalai Lama XIV Namaskar Family and friends! It has been an exciting week spent on the organic farm of Dharmalaya. We are up on the Himalayan mountains where we are learning about earth building, agriculture and rain water harvesting, covering the basics of how important it is… Read More

Healing House & Year End Reflections

Blog by Paiton Marshall I was sitting in a circle with eleven strangers on the spiky grass outside a hostel that was a deeper hue of orange than the dusty sidewalks of Entebbe. One of our overseas educators, Adam, was speaking. “Okay, we’re going to do a quick check in with everybody about how you’re feeling about being here on a scale from one to five. One finger means you’re… Read More

On to Peru!

Blog from Mark Ahari Our time in Ecuador is almost up! What better way to spend it than riding the highest and longest zipline in South America! It was definitely a bit daunting at first sight, it was awesome to see everyone conquer it. We spent our final two days at a hostel in Otavalo. We had a lot of time to relax and get some good food before our… Read More

Rishikesh & Yoga

Blog from Emma Parker We arrived in Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh, exhausted, after a 5 hour train ride and almost 2 hour rickshaw ride from Haridwar station. Despite most of us being in desperate need of a nap, air-conditioning, and lunch, we were immediately struck by the beauty of this unique town. Temples and stupas stuck out among buildings, nestled in between the beautiful Ganges river and huge green hills. After… Read More

Our Time in Rwanda

Blog from Moreh Stewart I think I speak for all of us when I say we wish we could have more time in Rwanda, especially the beautiful city of Kigali. We arrived in this vibrant city on the 28th of March and each day has brought its own challenges and joys. we visited five memorials, a colorful market, and an amazing Coffee farm. After our first night in Kigali we… Read More

Project Bona Fide

Blog and photos from Matthew C Hello from Ometepe, Nicaragua! I’ve spent the last 2 months or so here on Ometepe island in Lake Nicaragua volunteering at Project Bona Fide, a permaculture farm based in the small community of Balgue. Each day starts at 6:45 here on the farm, when all the volunteers meet in the communal kitchen areas and break off into different groups going to work in different… Read More

Yogendra, Columbia

Blog and photos from Jada Smith Greetings from Yogendra! If someone told me a year ago I’d be living at a yoga ashram in the middle of Colombia at this time in my life, I’d probably brush them off as insane. Upon finishing my senior year of high school, I was committed to what I thought was the university of my dreams, despite having never visited it. It was a… Read More

Twiga, Tembo, and Pumba, Oh My!

Blog from Nina S, photos from Chris and Kelsi Over the last week we had the honor of living and working with the NGO Wildlife Connection. This NGO specializes in bridging the gap between wildlife and humans. We worked with them to build elephant friendly fences for local farmers. Elephants will often travel outside of Ruaha National Park, looking for food, often finding it on farms and tramping all the… Read More

New Heaven Dive

Blog from Tyler C Writing this hiding from the heat that’s only getting warmer as the days go on. The rainy season on Koh Tao is over and the dry season is approaching with only my fan to keep me cool. But don’t worry many cold showers are being taken to try to stay cool. I arrived on this island kind of lost and with very little idea of where… Read More

Mufinidi & Fox Farm

Blog from George Geike We continued our cultural immersion in the highlands of Southern Tanzania through a two-part program in Igoda province organized by Foxes NGO, a non-profit dedicated to child welfare and regional healthcare. The first half of our program was a four-night homestay with farmer families of the Hehe tribe. Here, our Kiswahili and “kulima” (cultivation) skills gained over the past two weeks at Lutheran Junior Seminary and… Read More