Kia Ora, Bula, and G’Day!

Emerging from the underground of the metro train station and into the heart of Sydney, a feeling of I’m sooo confused! washed over us all. The looming buildings that blocked the view of the night sky and bustling streets swarming with hurried people all seemed out of place. The weeks that proceeded this moment were ones of magic. We had spent twelve beautiful weeks learning and growing across the rustic… Read More

On Going Home…

On going home… “It is not a garment I cast off this day, but a skin that I tear with my own hands. Nor is it a thought I leave behind me, but a heart made sweet with hunger and with thirst. Yet I cannot tarry longer. The sea that calls all things unto her calls me, and I must embark. For, to stay, though the hours burn in the… Read More

Goodbye Seasia!

Anya and Chris here, taking back the blog reigns one last time before we close down this particular SE Asia Carpe semester. We sit on a bus heading back to Hanoi with mixed emotions- something like a bowl of sadness mixed with a lump of gratitude, relief and excitement. After almost twelve full weeks of traveling, living, working, and learning together as a group, today we are heading off on… Read More


Hey yallll! Time has sure flown by. We;re in Roatan Honduaras! We landed safely from Costa Rica and was greeted by the BEAUTIFUL clear blue water. We were all stoked to go scuba diving and to swim with our new blue tangs and sea turtle friends! For most people it was our first time scuba diving. Although we had many mixed feeling about it at first, we all faced our… Read More

Australian Outback

Our last breathtaking week took place in the Australian Outback. It all started with an early morning wake-up when Deon, our guide, picked us up to begin the journey to Uluru, a sacred meeting monument for the Aboriginals. Along the way, we stopped at an art gallery where we were first introduced to the styles and symbols of traditional Aboriginal art. Then we continued our long drive, but it was… Read More

“Walkabout: A World 14+ Hours Ahead of the USA” Conservation Edition

walkabout This week on “Walkabout: A World 14+ Hours Ahead of the USA” : Our strong young cadets head into the wild, wacky and inspiring world of marine conservation where they plant fig trees, take part in a world-wide campaign for scientific research, battle nimble wallabies, and pursue a dangerous mission into the mysterious Daintree Rainforest! And a twist: the advice of a lifetime will be doled out in the… Read More


“title” : TORTUGA! Welcome to sunny Costa Rica where we’ve been staying at a turtle conservation project for the last week. Apparently we came in the low season which was a disappointment because we’ve all been looking forward to seeing turtles for the last 11 weeks. 3 of us did actually end up seeing a turtle on the beach the very first night but no more after that. The beach… Read More

Blowing Bubbles

G’day mate, This week our crew traveled back to Cairns once again to explore the wonderful world of SCUBA diving and snorkeling. Tommy Boy, Loose, Molls, JJ, Georgie, Randy, Caro and Aisil woke at the crack of dawn to get ready for their first day of SCUBA school!!! They spent the day watching videos with their instructor Rob as well as blowing their first bubbles underwater!! While they were in… Read More

Student Directed Travel!

Nicaragua has been a dream. We started off the week leaving Bona Fide which just about everyone was excited for. Getting up before the sunrise was hard for most but we managed to make it to the bus stop in time. The day was full of a lot of ‘playing it by ear’, running to catch the next bus and being squished by random Nicaraguans. We eventually managed to make… Read More


Hello and welcome to one of our final blogs as we enter the home stretch of this trip. This week we came out of student directed travel through the wild city of Saigon and entered the most more relaxed tourist hotspot of Nha Trong. Surrounded by sandy beaches and full of shirtless Russians, Nha Trong reminds you more of a florida beach resort than a Vietnamese city. Here we got… Read More

Mr Him

Nestled on the southern coast of Cambodia lies the town of Kampot, a short walk through the town will find you more english text than Khmer script as foreign run bars and burger joints dominate the center of town. Stationed along the beautiful Kampot river that has provided the town with a steady supply of fish markets and seafood restaurants, it has also provided a living to the countless fisherman… Read More

Short and Fun Brisbane Adventures

Hello folks! Greetings from Cairns. But… You’re probably wondering how we got here. It all started a few days ago… *record scratch* After leaving the Bodhi Tree Buddhist monastery on Tuesday April 18th, the group boarded a bus from the nearby Lismore and headed to Brisbane for three days of swanky student travels in the city. Now, this day, however, was no ordinary day. It was a day with cause… Read More

Mangrove Project

Hello, everyone and all distinguished guest, it’s Martin Farias again, I well be the author of todays blog. We made it to Vietnam and are in the city of Can Tho; We crossed the border through a travel van from Cambodia to Vietnam. Everyone now happily resting. Furthermore, the most important activity we did throughout this week was our work at the Mangrove ecolodge. The Mangrove Ecolodge works to conserve… Read More

Nica Fun

Howdy y’all, Greetings from sunny Nicaragua! Currently we’re finishing up voulnteering at a permaculture​ farm in Omatepe, a small island made up of two massive volcanos. Our daily routine consists of an early 6:30am wake up, and then we make ourselves useful for 4 hours grating poop, chopping up termite nests, or whatever else the farm needs. In the afternoon we either get free time or take part in various… Read More

Buddhism at the Bodhi Tree

Warmest greetings! Upon departing from Fiji and commencing our travels along the East Coast of Australia, we were able to take part in a bit of mid-trip reflection at the Bodhi Tree Buddhist Monastery, a peaceful enclave located just outside of Lismore. After a brief (yet energetic!) overnight stint in the colorful city of Brisbane (featuring a trot over the city’s bridge to wander the streets amongst stylish locals,) we… Read More

Kmer Fun

Hello blog readers, my name is Brenden and I will be the one writing the blog this week. Our last day at PTD involved watching a group of Khmer students test their English with a spelling bee. We then got recognized for our hard days of volunteer work by being awarded a certificate and then got to eat dinner with all the students. We have been traveling Cambodia majority of… Read More


This past week was one for the ages! After spending last week in the remote town of El Pisacho, we set forth to the city of Matagalpa, for our fourth and final week of spanish classes. We spent each morning taking classes at the Colibri Spanish School, and were blessed with yet another wonderful set of teachers. Much thanks and love to Diana, Carla, and Myra for an amazing week… Read More


This week was spent transitioning, we left from a peaceful yoga meditation retreat into the small city of Chaing mai Thailand for one day.we spent this day at a pool and for the first time during our stay in Thailand we experienced rain. That night we took an overnight bus to the capital city of Bangkok. The bus ride was long and entertaining due to the fellow travelers sitting near… Read More

final time in fiji

Bula! We’ve been in Fiji for nearly two weeks now and absolutely loved our stay in Nakuku. We were able to get to know such a unique part of the world that we didn’t even know existed. We dove into new cultural practices, including eating all of our meals while sitting on the floor, wearing traditional Fijian attire, and participating in local practices. On Sunday, we went to a neighboring… Read More