I entirely trust you and your organization and all the hard work you go through to make these experiences safe, exciting and educational.

- Parent, India 2009

Most importantly ~ I thank this program for such a strong dose of emotional strengthening. It has really taken hold in our daughter and I am feeling that I want to do all that I can to support this emerged growth.

- Parent, Central America 2009

Your program is very top notch; the group leaders I met at the airport were also very cool and gave me much confidence in watching my son’s life be in their hands.

- Parent, India 2007

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the positive impact this Carpe Diem Trip had on Amelia's life. When she arrived last night, she exclaimed "Mom, you've got to tell everyone about Carpe Diem, it was so amazing."

- Parent, Central America 2008

Carpe Diem well exceeded our expectations. We felt our son was always 100% safe, having a fantastic adventure and could be easily contacted if needed. Could not be more happy with the overall experience.

- Parent, Latitudes 2013

I can't say how impressed I am with the program, the leadership, the vision and the goals. Not only did she get what she wanted out of the program - a greater sense of independence, some purpose and direction, a better sense of self - but she came home so inspired and passionate about life, the world, and travel!

- Parent, Central America 2013

I am so grateful that he is doing this program. I am also very impressed at the level to which the kids are asked to rise to.

- Parent 2008

Every single aspect of this program is top notch! As a mother who worries about everything, this whole process was stress free. The day our daughter left for India, I really didn't have any concerns for her in any way!

- Parent, Latitudes 2012-13

Two different children, two different groups, two different leadership teams, one consensus; Carpe Diem exceeded their expectations and enriched them in ways they had not imagined.

- Parent, South Pacific 2010 and 2013

The Carpe Diem Experience

Supporting Growth and Transition.

Carpe Diem Education programs allow an opportunity for your child to thrive in a new, dynamic learning environment while rekindling their love for growth and learning. Students need the opportunity to experience something beyond their “norm” before college to avoid burnout and gain valuable real life skills that are not a part of traditional education paradigms. Our on-the-ground curriculum focuses on cross cultural awareness, independence, travel skills, personal development, language acquisition, and more. These skills plus the ability to access a full semester of college credit on program will set your adventurous young-adult up for success in college, strengthen their resume and increase their employability. Our programs lay the foundation for future success by exposing them to a new world of difference.

Having been in the field for over 12 years we have experience and a track record that is rare in the emerging Gap Year industry. Being committed to the “right fit” for our students, we do not pay commissions for student referrals. Our accreditation through the American Gap Association ensures we adhere to the highest standards and best practices within the industry.

Why Consider a Gap Year

Our top reasons to integrate a Gap Year experience.

They’ll form new perspectives by increasing their cross-cultural awareness
They’ll gain maturity and independence and learn to overcome challenges.
Give your child time-out to reevaluate priorities, whether they’re burned-out or to avoid burnout.
They’ll develop some serious people skills in a new culture.
They’ll discover what they love before starting college, by learning outside the classroom—and will perform better in college.
They’ll reconnect with what they missed in high school, and with themselves.
They’ll have early access college credit and financial aid, without the pressures of college.
Create a time and space for them to think about their future. Maybe they aren’t sure college is right for them. Maybe they didn’t get accepted to any of the colleges they really wanted. Or maybe they don’t know what they want to study in college.
They’ll develop language competency for today’s global marketplace.
They’ll strengthen competitive job skills while building their resume in exceptionally creative ways.


Through a dynamic and holistic curriculum, Carpe Diem students are challenged to step outside of their comfort zone and learn about themselves and the world around them through hands-on learning process.  With an emphasis on experiential learning, each program is designed to actively engage students and challenge them to contextualize their experience through reflection.

For students that are looking to expand upon their in-country learning through a more formalize academic curriculum, we are proud to offer a wide range of college courses through our local partnership with Portland State University.  We believe that this integrative approach to learning engages the mind, body, and spirit of our students, while providing opportunities to cultivate their passions and strengths.



Regional Semesters (3 Months)

Tuition + Room and Board: $9,900-$14,900
Program fee includes all food, accommodations, scheduled program activities, and international health insurance for the duration of the program. Airfare not included

Latitudes Year (8 Months)

Tuition + Room and Board: $19,700-$23,600
Airfare not included