Camping at Ohana Amani

By Deborah and Brad Greetings! We spent our last week camping at Ohana Amani, a holistic living education center outside of Njombe town, in Southwest Tanzania. At the center, we… Read More


By Charlie Koloms Namaste to friends and family back home. This week for the Shiva group has been drastically different than our previous weeks in India. Instead of staying in… Read More

Last Days in Uganda

By Ella Our last days in Uganda were spent on the gorgeous Lake Bunyoni. One dala dala ride from SNEC and we were at Edirisa (“The Window” in Rakiga, the… Read More

Pun Pun Organic Farm

By James Stewart There is a certain sense of emotional and spiritual fulfillment that can only be obtained by walking barefoot along a rural, mud-covered road. It lies in the… Read More

A Mystical Week

By Tavish and Eli The week began in Xela, and with Spanish classes complete, we are all eager to explore the city of Xela. Some students decided to climb the… Read More