The Family Farm

Blog_Header-Hongi Howdy Y'all, Hope everyone is doing great back in the States. Here in New Zealand we have been working hard on the Hart Family Farm. So far we have learned… Read More

Heal. Create. Inspire.

Blog_Header-Latitudes Hola from the sweet city of Cusco! I can't believe that I've already been at the Healing House, a holistic living center, for almost one month. Time really does fly.… Read More

Durban, South Africa

Blog_Header-Latitudes What's up friends and family?! It's so crazy how I've already been here in South Africa for a month. Time has gone by unbelievably fast. This is probably due to… Read More

Lucas in Thailand

Blog_Header-Latitudes Pun Pun Farm: a center for self reliance, my destination for the Latitudes semester of the journey and my current home. Life here is better than I could have imagined… Read More

Viva la Baños

Blog_Header-Inti Though I can´t speak for everyone, I think I can safely say that the group´s experience in Baños has been a potent combination of exhaustion, exploration, and chocolate. Exhaustion because… Read More

Namaste Nepal

Blog_Header-Latitudes Namaste Nepal! I will have successfully completed my third week in Kathmandu as of tomorrow. I have to admit, this isn't quiet what I expected but I can't be more… Read More

Photos from Guatemala

Blog_Header-Maya The group huddled around an altar at Abaj Ta'Kalik, a Mayan ruin from the Olmeca era (around 900-300 BCE).  Lilly's birthday celebration   Hammock time! Teaching the local kiddos how… Read More

From the Marae

Blog_Header-Hongi Kia Ora!   We made it from Christchurch to Rapaki, where we've been staying at the Marae! We started our very first day with the Profity ceremony, where we exchanged… Read More

Jaipur to Agra

CD_Header-Photos_India_Shanti Today feels bittersweet, or as Winston (our German representative) says, "with one bright eye and one crying eye." By the time of this posting, we will have said farewell to… Read More

Back in Xela

Blog_Header-Maya After spending a week at the Escuela de la Montaña with minimal Internet access, we are back in Xela in homestays. It's nice to be back in a familiar city,… Read More

Two weeks in

Blog_Header-Inti Where to begin? The group is in agreement that we have experienced more in these two weeks than seems possible. If this determines the rest of our weeks of adventure,… Read More

From Kampala.

Blog_Header-Nkula Hello family friends and fellow blog readers! This is Monica blogging from a tiny internet cafe in Kampala. We've been in Uganda for about 2 weeks now and it has… Read More

Habari from Jinja!

Blog_Header-Nkula Happy Saturday! Today we arrived at the Nile River Camp right outside Jinja, Uganda! Our last week was spent at the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and we made some insane memories.… Read More