Saying Farewell

By Overseas Educators Bria and Peter As the two of us sit on the airport-express metro train headed back into the heart of Delhi, having just said farewell to all… Read More

Kwa heri Kifaru

By Overseas Educators Mike and Ellen After a cancelled flight and a special bonus night in a posh hotel (courtesy of KLM airlines), the mighty Kifaru group has finally dispersed… Read More

What joys we all had.

By Overseas Educators Paff and Cari The other night we said farewell to nine misty eyed students (and let’s be honest here, two similarly fogged up OE’s) at the Delhi… Read More

Coda: Bear & Wolf

By Bear and Wolf Bear & Wolf were friends. Bear preferred blueberries, Wolf had a proclivity for meats and they both liked falafel.* Bear was powerfully strong and Wolf was… Read More


By Overseas Educators Matt and Michelle The dala dala bounced down the sandy dirt road heading from Matemwe to Stonetown. We were crammed and complete; facing one another on the… Read More

The Faces of Nkula

Photos and Story by Elle Nicholson 82 days at sea (well it felt like we were at sea). All trapped together on the boat of adventure going over every large… Read More

Stone Town

By Lia and Cami After taking a ferry from Dar Es Salaam, we arrived in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The blue beaches, white sand, and labyrinth alleyways immediately drew us in.… Read More


By Isadora Smith After an action-packed week of camping, rafting, and rock climbing in the mountains of Rishikesh for student directed travel, the dreaded last day of the trip has… Read More

Saying Goodbye

By Julia Gordon Heading to Ho Chi Minh city, a final bus ride I will never forget. After leaving our guesthouse in Dalat, also home to a wonderful family, whose… Read More

Final Week!

By Jimmy and Jake Hello to every one of our blog readers, it’s Jimmy and Jake blogging here and we would like to inform y’all about all the fantastic activities… Read More