Farewell Walkabout

“Travel leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a story teller,” said the famous Arab wanderer, Ibn Battuta. There’s a certain sense of quiet that fills you on those… Read More

Baadaye from Your OEs

Rainy season has commenced, and at what perfect timing. In our last few weeks here in Tanzania we all patiently awaited the rains to start here in Africa, whether it… Read More

And So It Goes

It’s the afternoon of December 6th, and the community of Shanti Fall 2016 huddles one last time, arms wrapped around each other’s shoulders, the tops of our heads touching as… Read More


The blades on both turbines had reached a sufficient speed and the wheels were correctly aligned. A switch was flicked and a petroleum mixture began spraying into the tunnels of… Read More

Journeys end

Our dearest little Shivas, Where do we begin? I guess back in SFO when everyone still had hair and was feeling a little nervous for what was to come. Luckily,… Read More

The hardest goodbye..

Namaste loved ones!! Catherine here, writing to you in Delhi with love and gratitude radiating through my heart and soul as we finish up our 3 month long journey. The… Read More

A Fond Farewell

Hi everyone, The sun is still shining brightly today in Roatan, but it feels so different without you here. No one is shouting our names from across the room, no… Read More


Hard to believe three months has gone by! With teary eyes we said goodbye to the people that has become inseparable to our wellbeing. If you sit down with any… Read More

Final Weeks

It seems crazy, but this is our final blog of an amazing three month experience! Nevertheless, these last two weeks have been just as meaningful and fun as the previous… Read More

Nos despidimos

Dear our 12 incredible students, family and friends, It is Rebecca and Doug (otherwise known as Douglito y Rebequita). As we wrap up our final moments together here in South… Read More

Shanti is on their way…

We’ve just heard from the leaders with the update that the entire Shanti group is safely off on their next adventures! Many will be traveling on their own in Asia… Read More

Finishing touches

We never thought this day would come. After all our crazy absurd adventures and experiences, we are actually down to our last few hours in Southeast Asia. Its hard to… Read More

Korimakao and Trinidad

Greetings from your favorite Carpe Diem group. Group Chango has had quite an active week spent at Korimakao diving into the Cuban cultures of art, dance, music, and theater. With… Read More