7 days later…

Blog_Header-Hongi   To all of our fuh-reeeeends: Hard to believe it was only a week ago that we were crowding around the Cairns airport, musing over Ben & Gabe’s freakish similarities… Read More

One last Bula

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Walkabout One last Bula, Although we are no longer traveling as a pack of 13, the journey is hardly over. Many of us are still discovering the treasures of Australia, soaking… Read More

Under da sea

Blog_Header-Walkabout   After watching a few safety videos, learning how to put on our gear and communicating under water in a pool, we were finally able to take our skills and… Read More

Nkula goes home…

CD_Header-Photos_East-Africa_Nkula Welcome home, ladies! We hope you are enjoying the cold weather and snow! Your family, the food, and all the things you missed (good peanut butter…) It’s a sad and… Read More

Farewell to India

Blog_Header-Shanti We’ve received word that the Shanti group has said their tearful goodbyes to Kelsi at the airport and they have set off from New Delhi.  We wish them all traveling… Read More

SCUBA Moments

Blog_Header-Maya For everyone wondering, scuba diving was fantastic. I just wanted to share a little bit for everyone wondering how our week went, becuase this week has really ment alot to… Read More

Shiva group farewell

Blog_Header-Shiva Shiva group Fall 2014 has safely made it to the airport and are boarding their plane. After some time travel and many miles they will be back home. It’s hard… Read More

Far Flung Family

Blog_Header-Shiva There is no way I will ever be able to use words to accurately describe what India was like for me, so I wont even try to give you the… Read More

Sappy thanks

Blog_Header-Shiva About six months ago (wow) I found out that I would not be able to return to my school, the University of Rochester, for the fall semester. At first I… Read More