Pucará blog and pics

Blog_Header-Inti “This is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been” – Hollyn ¡Bienvenidos a Pucará! For the past 5 days, we’ve been spending our time in the beautiful subtropical climate… Read More

On To Tanzania

Blog_Header-Nkula Blog from Paiton and Brent. Mambo! Hello from Morogoro, Tanzania! We started this week in Rwanda, and a lot has happened since. At the beginning of our week we journeyed… Read More

San Juan del Sur

Blog_Header-Quetzal Arrival at San Juan Del Sur! We´ve finally reached out first student directed travel destination. Everyone´s expectations were totally blown out of the water as soon as we stepped into… Read More

The Ashram Experience

Blog_Header-Shiva Blog from Kippie. Photos from Jon and Anya. Note from Headquarters: the Shiva group just arrived in Leh, Ladak where they will volunteer with a partner organization and then go Read More

Peguche Part 2

Blog_Header-Inti Thursday, October 13th, officially marks the one month anniversary of our group’s journey. Similar to the rest of the week we began the day with Spanish class from nine to… Read More


Blog_Header-Inti We arrived in the small town of Peguche on Monday after a full day of travel from the Amazon. The group was greeted by Lorena whom we met in Banos… Read More

The Family Farm

cd_blog_header-walkabout Over the last week we’ve stepped into the shoes of a farmer spending mornings milking cows, feeding pigs, and collecting eggs. Greg and Rachel Hart welcomed us into their lakeside… Read More

Getting Down and Dirty ;)

CD_Header-Photos_Southeast-Asia_Sabai DCIM100GOPROGOPR1211. DCIM100GOPROGOPR1147. Sawatdee from Chiang Mai! We have just returned to the city from our home stays and volunteering in an Ahka tribe village outside of Chiang Rai through the… Read More

Hurricanes, Netflix, and Rumba

CD_Header_Photos_Cuba When someone says “Class-four Hurricane” what do you usually think? Perhaps it’s pictures of the damage done by Hurricane Sandy several years ago that comes to mind. You may think… Read More

Finding peace in Bodhgaya

Blog_Header-Shanti Namaste beautiful friends and family!! Catherine here from Bodhgaya to update you on our latest week!! Boy, have we had an amazing time here at the Root Institute. I know… Read More