The Outback!

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Walkabout Our journey into the outback began when we got picked up in this massive off-road looking bus. We set off into the outback riding on normal asphalt roads as well… Read More

Thanks Diem

Blog_Header-Shanti I could see the apprehension in Benji’s eyes at the first whispers of a Thanksgiving feast, hours after finishing a four day trek. But once Katrina and I secured a… Read More

Himalayan Trek

Blog_Header-Shanti Ever since applying for Carpe India, I’ve been psyched for the four day trek. There’s something extremely satisfying about going from point A to point B using nothing but my… Read More

Taking It Down A Notch

Blog_Header-Shanti We have been very busy here in India the past several weeks, but a very different kind of busy from the first half of the trip. Instead of running about… Read More

Om Shanti Shanti

Blog_Header-Shiva Just a quick post to keep everyone updated! We haven’t had time the last week to take care of group things such as the blog because we’ve been staying at… Read More

Thanks Mom!

Blog_Header-Shiva Greetings from Calcutta! I have been given the lofty task of describing my experience here. Honestly, I know that I will probably fail at fully expressing all of the emotions… Read More

Aussie Adventures

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Hongi G’day family and friends! So far our stay in Australia has been grand. Our first stop was Adelaide where a member of the group was temporarily lost after falling asleep… Read More