Nkula in Rwanda!

Rwanda I espère you daaaaaaance (with Rwandans)! By Madeline and Jamie  KIGALI. NYABAGOGO STATION. 3:17 PM. We emerge into a sea of persistent and perspiring taxi drivers. As our butts are… Read More

From Kampala.

Blog_Header-Nkula Hello family friends and fellow blog readers! This is Monica blogging from a tiny internet cafe in Kampala. We've been in Uganda for about 2 weeks now and it has… Read More

Habari from Jinja!

Blog_Header-Nkula Happy Saturday! Today we arrived at the Nile River Camp right outside Jinja, Uganda! Our last week was spent at the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and we made some insane memories.… Read More

So Far So Good ;D

Blog_Header-Nkula Hello! It's Cat, Madeline and Monica here. After some very tiresome flight travel, we were driven to our hostel in unmarked taxis. We've encountered and shared rooms with many people… Read More

Together In Amsterdam!

Blog_Header-Nkula We've received word from the wonderful Nkula that everyone has gathered in Amsterdam and now the entire group is complete. Our interpid travelers are currently on leg three of their long travel… Read More

Nkula Departs the USA…

Blog_Header-Nkula Just a note to say that 1/2 of our Nkula group is together… the extraordinary Overseas Educators, Megan and David, left Portland along with Cat and Cassandra early this morning… Read More


Rafiki Greetings, Nkulars! We are getting (stupid) excited to meet each and every one of you fine ladies next week. Amidst all of our pre-trip-prep hullaballoo, we have still made time… Read More

Nkula goes home…

CD_Header-Photos_East-Africa_Nkula Welcome home, ladies! We hope you are enjoying the cold weather and snow! Your family, the food, and all the things you missed (good peanut butter…) It’s a sad and… Read More

Student Directed Travels!

CD_Header-Photos_East-Africa_Nkula Hello my lovelies! Hannah here writing from the immaculately beautiful Zanzibar! The group has just finished with our student directed travels and what a lovely whirlwind it was. The idea… Read More