On To Tanzania

Blog_Header-Nkula Blog from Paiton and Brent. Mambo! Hello from Morogoro, Tanzania! We started this week in Rwanda, and a lot has happened since. At the beginning of our week we journeyed… Read More


CD_Header-Photos_East-Africa_Nkula From Aiden Blood Greetings from the town of Kabale. I am going to tell you about my experiences in Jinja and Kampala. We stayed at the Nalubale River Rafting Camp… Read More

“Nkula” Means Rhino!

Blog_Header-Nkula We received this sweet handwritten update from the Nkula crew along with a few fantastic photos. After their orientation in Entebbe, they headed to the Rhino Conservation Center where they… Read More

Orientation Complete!

Blog_Header-Nkula Hi friends and family of the Nkula crew, I’ve heard from the Overseas Educators that orientation in Entebbe was fantastic! All of the students have been getting to learn a… Read More

Together in Amsterdam

Blog_Header-Nkula We’ve just received word from Mary and Adam that the entire Nkula crew is now together in Amsterdam! They are a little sleepy after their trans-Atlantic journey, but excited to… Read More

Habari yako?

Blog_Header-Nkula Mary and Adam here from Nkula 2016! The last week has seen all the Carpe Diem Overseas Educators gathered in Portland for the annual Fall Training. We have been busy… Read More

Gratitude Post

Blog_Header-Nkula Mambo warafiki na familia! What an amazing three months I have spent here in Mama Africa. I have had both an intense and a beautiful internal and external journey. While… Read More

Gratitude Post

Blog_Header-Nkula Thank you to all my family members who have done so much to put me where I am today. I couldn’t have done it without all the love and support… Read More

Gratitude Post

Blog_Header-Nkula First off I would like to thank my parents John and Susan as well as my sister Marge, for helping to shape the person I have become today, I’d also… Read More