Blog_Header-Nkula Blog and photos by Claire G. Our time in Rwanda has already come to an end. We had an eventful ten days here! We started by exploring the beautiful city… Read More

Canoe Trek

Blog_Header-Nkula Agandi! I am writing to you from an internet cafe in Kigali, Rwanda! Although we were sad to say goodbye to Uganda, we are looking forward to experiencing the culture… Read More

Photos from Uganda

CD_Header-Photos_East-Africa_Nkula These fantastic photos were just sent in of the NKULA crew working at SNEC (the Special Needs Education Center where we volunteer with Edirisa, UK). The first is a mural… Read More

Scavenger Hunt!~

Blog_Header-Nkula Oliolya! (Hello), Here we are sitting in an Internet Cafe in Entebbe, Uganda! It’s the second day of our time here in Entebbe. Posting this blog is Hannah, Claire, Kyra,… Read More

Exploring Entebbe!

Blog_Header-Nkula Hello families!! We arrived two days ago in Entebbe! We’re taking in all of the sights, smells, and sounds of this new-to-us city! There are smiling people everywhere, a beautiful… Read More

Headed to Uganda!

Blog_Header-Nkula The first half of the Nkula crew has united with Colin and Mandy, their overseas educators. Grey, Julia, Maddy, Kate, and Hannah are all checking through security right now as… Read More

Karibu Nkula Familia

NKULA F 2014 Helix             Habari Rafiki? Tuna Furaha! Mandy and Colin here! We are hanging out in Portland, Oregon getting ready for our awesome semester with ya’ll! As… Read More

Safari Njema NKULA Crew!

CD_Blog-Header_Nkula Dearest Families, Friends and our Beloved Students, We are sitting here in Dar es Salaam, lamenting the recent departure of our little Nkula family but also celebrating the completion of… Read More


CD_Blog-Header_Nkula As our students are flying through the hemispheres on their way to their next adventures, we wanted to post this last blog written by Savannah on her final day here Read More

Group Departure!!

CD_Blog-Header_Nkula Hello Parents and followers of Carpe Diem NKULA East Africa blog, We just received word from Colin and Avy that the students have departed for their journey back home, with… Read More


After a few nice free days in Iringa filled with shopping and fast internet we were ready to begin our safari. We were all stoked to be going to Ruaha… Read More