The CDE Journey

Passion-inspired living.

Extending to 5 continents and 19 countries, Carpe Diem Education offers expertly designed gap year programs for students ages 17-22. Our programs challenge perspectives, embolden critical thinking, and inspire a greater sense of self through enhanced global perspectives. Balancing hard work with fun-filled adventure; finding laughter in the midst of serious inquiry; we discover the depths of our humanity together.

We believe that students learn best when fully immersed and engaged in local communities, languages, and cultures. Our small student groups travel off the beaten path to provide authentic cultural exchange, meaningful challenge, and transformative experience.


Reflections Across the World

Follow us on our journey.

Join us as we explore the world and ourselves. Our student-written blog is a window into the Carpe Diem Education experience. Blogs are typically written once a week while on semester. Every student has the chance to blog which allows for variety of experiences, interpretations and personalities. The personalities in the group come to the fore and paint a multi-faceted picture of what happens when a group of young adults starts to find its own character and flow. So jump in and see what’s beyond the horizon during a Carpe Diem Education gap year program.

Reflecting & Gratitude

Written By Eliana 3 months, 30 cities, 300 inside jokes and 3,000 laughs later we finally have come to the end of our Carpe Semester. These three months have gone by so fast I feel like I didn’t have a … Continued

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