Innovative gap year programs

Carpe Diem Education offers expertly designed gap year programs to 5 continents and 18 countries around the world.

We provide students an opportunity to explore some of the most fascinating regions on Earth, each offering a unique culturally immersive experience. Through educational curriculum designed to challenge perspectives, enrich cross-cultural understanding, and inspire personal growth, students reignite their passion for learning.

Our Semester Programs

Immersive 3 month group semester programs.

Our Latitudes Year Program

An immersive 3 month group semester followed
by an in-depth individual Focused Volunteer Placement.

The Carpe Diem Experience

Carpe Diem inspires growth and transformation through culturally immersive gap year experiences. Our programs include: 

Experiential Education

Develop real-world knowledge and skills through active, hands-on learning and taking time for reflection. 

Community Engagement

Grow as an individual and as a community by living and learning with others. 

Intercultural Exchange

Expand your perspective and enrich your world view by engaging with different cultures.

What Makes Us Unique

Our gap semester and Latitudes year programs combine hands-on learning, thematic studies, personal development, and reflective activities to diversify perspectives and inspire growth and transformation.

College Credit/Financial Aid

In partnership with Portland State University, students can earn college credit (and use financial aid) while participating in a Carpe Diem program. Learn more about earning college credit and how to use your financial aid.

Our Scholarships

We are committed to making the gap year experience accessible to more students and families by providing three Carpe Diem scholarships. Learn more about our scholarships here. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusivity are the foundations of a thriving community. Learn about our diversity and inclusion efforts here.


"I can say with confidence that my gap year has been the best year of my life."

CDE Student

"Hands down the most meaningful and powerful journey I’ve ever been on."

- Cooper,
CDE Student

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