Sabai Has Arrived!

Greetings friends and family The Sabai group landed safely in Chiang Mai, Thailand on February 14th. 7 students, and their two Overseas Educators, collected their luggage and made their way… Read More

Hongi Has Arrived!

Dear Friends and Family of the Carpe Diem Hongi Group: The Hongi group has landed safely in Christchurch, New Zealand, and have settled into their new downtown accommodation. They will… Read More

Shanti Has Arrived!

Dear Friends and Family: The Shanti group has landed safely in Delhi, settled into their accommodation, and have shared their first meal together. They are already walking the narrow streets… Read More

Hello, it’s me, Shiva!

Written by Kate and Doug Let’s look at some numbers, shall we? We were 9 humans From 8 different states in the USA We traveled to: 1 big, diverse county… Read More

End of semester

Greetings from our homes, As we read this we may be sitting back sharing stories of our time hiking to Machu Picchu, sleeping in later then we have for the… Read More