Scavenger Hunt Poem

By Sarah, Avery, and Lexie Warm and sticky air Our bodies shine in the sun Fall for this city Samosa’s and Dahl The sweet and savory smells Food will comfort… Read More

Adapting to India

By Katie India so far has been the craziest place I’ve ever been, but it’s also the coolest. The food is amazing and the people have been super nice but… Read More

Kolkata is Incredible!

By Emily Kolkata is very crazy. There are tons of people, you drive on the other side of the road and horns are always honking. The constant smell is a… Read More

Kolkata Scavenger Hunt

By Kelly Kolkata is amazing. It is so vibrant and full of life. I am currently sitting in a computer cafe down on Sudder Street. I am doing well but… Read More

Scavenger Hunt Time!

By Hannah, Tucker, Maya, and Isabel Today is our first day going into Delhi without the OEs. It’s been an adventure. After stopping to get lunch at a street stand,… Read More

Scavenger Hunt

By Maddy Today is our last day of orientation and we have been sent off in groups to explore the streets of Jinja to locate internet cafes, shops, and markets.… Read More

First Day Birthday

By Overseas Educator Suzannah Day 1 in Kolkata complete. After many flights, a quick tour of Singapore, and a car ride at midnight, we fell, exhausted, into our beds in… Read More

Hola de Sudamerica!

By Addy, Alex, and Audrey We found a very neat building. Unfortunately, the computer will not let us upload photos. We are incredibly excited to be here in Quito and… Read More

Pollitos for the Win!

By Brynlee, Eliza, and Daphne Hola familia y amigos! Though we’re mid scavenger hunt it’s like we’ve already won, pollitos for the win!!! Unsurprisingly no one understands, it’s an inside… Read More

Good Eye Might

By Josh and Mack Greetings from Port Douglas! Wow… its been an adventure getting here, from the 13-hour flight, to the two-hour curvy road van ride, we are happy to… Read More

Desayuno Típico

By Rachel, Madeleine, and Harrison Hola! Aqui en Xela! We are happily cruising around in the Independence Day celebrations. Last night we walked around in the city square and watched… Read More

Exploring Xela

By Daniel, Kaylee, and Asia Hola Amigos! We started our day with a traditional Guatemalan breakfast, which included scrambled eggs, avocado, fried plantains, and black beans. Muy delicioso! From there,… Read More