Hola Compañeros!

Blog_Header-Inti Here we find ourselves in the midst of winter, spending time with all of the amazing people who comprise the Carpe Diem community and staff, and enjoying all that Portland… Read More

Dreaming of India

Blog_Header-Shanti Shanti: From Sanskrit śānti ‘peace, tranquility’. Namaste Shanti Crew! Kelsi and Jonathan here, your overseas educators for the next three months. We have the honor and privilege of writing Shanti’s… Read More

India Bound!

CD_Header-Photos_India Namaste Shiva Community, Welcome to the Spring 2016 Shiva Student Blog! This is James and Avy, your future Overseas Educators. We are sitting here in Portland, sipping chai and getting… Read More

Final blog

Blog_Header-Quetzal To Our Dear Quetzal Queens, Another day has dawned and the sun is shining once more on the glittering ocean. Coffee has been consumed, balingas — ahem, excuse me, baleadas… Read More

Final Walkabout

DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPRO DCIM116GOPROThe past 36 hours have probably been the biggest rollercoaster of emotions in my life. Starting the morning on the 9th… Read More


CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Walkabout After four long educational days, most of the students are now SCUBA certified! The first two days we had classwork and practice in a pool, then for the third day… Read More

Much Gratitude!

Blog_Header-Maya Gratitude to all of the host mom’s who cooked for us, drivers that transported us, travelers who shared stories with us, and to each and every person in the group… Read More

The journey has just begun

CD_Header-Photos_India The other night we said farewell to seven misty eyed (and let’s be honest, two similarly fogged up OE’s) students in the Delhi airport. As strange as it is to… Read More

The End of the Road

Blog_Header-Hongi After three months, three countries and a whole tidal wave of epic experiences, we have reached our final day of this incredible journey. As we, your OE’s, sit at Brisbane… Read More

Under the Sea

Blog_Header-Hongi “I dove in The Great Barrier Reef,” is a prestigious statement that only a select few lucky people in the world can say is true. Well, all 3 of our… Read More

CVA and Farewells

Blog_Header-Hongi The first surprise came upon arrival to CVA, when we were split into two pre-determined groups that we would then remain with for the week at Conservation Volunteers Australia. One… Read More