Final Blog

By Overseas Educators Kelsi & Amanda As seems to happen with these beautiful journeys, while we were in the middle of our days together, time seemed to move slowly and… Read More

LOL (Lots of Leeches)

By Emma & Ava Early in the morning, we took a seven-hour bus ride from Boudha to Pokhara to get to the 3 Sisters Trekking Company guesthouse. 3 Sisters is… Read More

Our FIRST Blog ;)

Howdy Folks! Tara here (Sophia & Sophia) the power couple and some of the two most valuable members of Tara ;P and we’re here to INFORM you about what is… Read More

Arrived: Nepal!

The Summer in Nepal Alumni orientation has kicked off! Our six alumni students have safely arrived in Nepal and can’t wait to explore Kathmandu. The crew gathers to take a Read More

My Final Blog

By Alex Combs Hello friends and family, this week I have the wonderful opportunity to write the final blog for the Spring 2018 semester. For our final week in South… Read More

It’s Been Lit!

By Overseas Educators Julian and Hannah 24 MINIBUSES 10 PICKUPS 8 BUSES PÚBLICOS 6 AVIONES 4 LANCHAS That’s right y’all. We moved around a lot this semester. As a group,… Read More

Home Again

By Overseas Educators Rachel & Peter Sitting on a wooden porch on a rainy afternoon in Nairobi, sipping some soups, we can’t help but notice something: it’s so quiet! Nobody… Read More

Final Blog!

By Wes In both sad and happy news, it’s Wes here to bring you the final blog of our Hongi Spring 2018 trip to the South Pacific. We have been… Read More


Our last day of Student-Directed Travel (or Somewhat Determined Travel…) has finally come to a close, resolving in time for ceremony, reflection, and a really freaking good dinner! Our group-led… Read More