Blog_Header-Quetzal !Hola familias y amigos! On Sunday, we arrived by bus to the beautiful city of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. It was a change of scene moving from the rural town of Concepcion… Read More


Blog_Header-Kifaru Hello again! So much has happened since my last post…I don’t know where to begin. I guess I can start by saying that everything has been great so far! So… Read More


CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Walkabout This week we went tramping up Karioi mountain. When we reached an hour in, our leaders told us to all spread out and we were going to take 15 minutes… Read More

Rhino Sanctuary Pictures

Blog_Header-Nkula Photos courtesy of Brooke Balla, one of our wonderful Overseas Educators! Playing games with school children at Nakitoma village. Hanging with Martin, one of the expert park rangers at the… Read More

More from BMAC

CD_Header-Photos_South-Pacific_Walkabout Hey everybody! So I am Frodo Bloggins for the week and I’m blogging about our time with BMAC, Blue Mountain Adventure Centre. Anyways, where to begin? We did A LOT.… Read More

*New* Comfort Zones

CD_Header-Photos_India To stay in your comfort zone is an incredibly comfortable way to stay incredibly comfortable. To stray from your beloved pillow padded lifestyle is the uncomfortable way to learn and… Read More


Blog_Header-Maya !Hola from Maya’s first day at The Mountain School! We left Xela this morning and have checked off our first out of 12 weeks together and will be officially 2… Read More


Blog_Header-Quetzal *Hola padres, hermanos, primos, abuelos, amigos, y algún otras personas! Oh my gatos… it has already felt like some crazy hot weeks that we’ve spent together, but it has only… Read More

The Beginnings

Blog_Header-Nkula Dear friends and family, Nkula group met on September 16th at PDX airport. It felt a little strange seeing all the new faces and beginning to get to know each… Read More