Costa Rica!

After our six week adventure in Guatemala, we were finally able to make it to our first week in Costa Rica. Our first stop in this small Central American country starts in a small city called Turriabla. Smack dot in the middle of Costa Rica, Turrialba offers a whole variety of fun things for the gang to do. For the past few days the group has been obsessed with eating… Read More

The History of Ollantaytambo

This week we were welcomed into new host families in the small town of Ollantaytambo, which is the jumping off point for many treks to Machu Picchu. We partnered up with Awamaki, a local NGO whose purpose it is to aid and empower women in the area through business endeavors and workshops. In addition to having homestays, this week marked the final week of Spanish classes for our group. We… Read More

Go-karting, Trains, & Sheep with Tails

Written By Beverly Oujda was fairly quiet in comparison to Rabat. Our contact Abdo was incredible. He introduced us to many organizations; some were local, others were organizations found in every major Moroccan city. It was so interesting to learn about the statuses, issues, and statistics regarding refugees and immigrants in Morocco from these organizations who took the time to sit with us and explain their missions. On November 1st,… Read More

Homestays In Fiji

For the past ten days, we have been staying in home-stays in a rural Fijian village, Nakuku. This has opened our eyes to new ways of life, community engagement, and cultural immersion. Throughout our time here, we have had time to reflect on our past experiences and dive into a something that might be a little harder compared to life in New Zealand. This was the first time on this… Read More

3 Gap Year Program Questions & Answers

Deciding to take a gap year is a big decision! Now that you’ve started researching your many gap year options, you’re probably coming up with more questions than answers. If I had to guess, you’re probably wondering about things like how to get your parents on board, whether or not you want to earn college credit while abroad, how to pay for your gap year, and how to fit everything… Read More

Time On The Mekong

Written By Pualina Did you know that the best place to swim is in the Mekong River? We know from personal experience, but this blog post begins five exciting days before. We left Siem Reap in style, in a 12 seater van that should probably only be used for ten people. A very cramped eight hours later, we arrived in Kratie, a peaceful city along the Mekong River. Our group… Read More

Transitioning To Peru

Written By Saffron We said “chao” to Ecuador and proceeded to miss our connecting flight from Lima to Cusco. The six hours of waiting in the Lima airport for the next flight to Cusco made our arrival to the inkan sun city all the more exciting. We have been in this bustling city for four days now. We arrived on halloween night and the streets were teeming with people, music… Read More

Wat Up From Angkor Wat

Written By Claire G. Suae Sdei from Cambodia! We have now ended our Thailand journey and we start anew in beautiful Cambodia. After having spent 6 weeks in Thailand, it was a very weird experience going to the airport. We arrived and it was go time. We went through security with no problems except a couple of scissors being taken away. We all got through immigration without any problems. And… Read More

Learning About Sustainability

Written By Grace & Saffron After a stunning bus ride up and around and through the mountains, we found ourselves in the small town of Pucara at Finca La Fe. Pucara is located on the western slope of the Andes in the Intag/cloudy forest region. This region is known for ecological diversity and being suspended in cloud vapor the majority of time. During out time at Fina La Fe we… Read More

Yoga & Exploring Rishikesh

Written By Sydney & Alex After a 4 day track through the cold, dry Himalayas, a week of yoga and exploring Rishikesh was just what this group needed! It’s easy to understand why this place is regarded a sacred! Lush, green forest stretches from the mountain tops to the shores of the Ganges. The smells of incense fill the town and you can hear the insects wherever you go. Teaming… Read More

Exploring Rabat

Written By Meagan salam from Rabat! We’ve been settling into life in Morocco with our host families and learning Darija, the local Arabic dialect. The entire group has fallen in love with our amazing teacher Khalid, who has displayed an impressive level of patience as well as skill and talent as a teacher. He is funny and kind and a fantastic human being. We’ve managed to learn bits and pieces… Read More

Sustainability In Guatemala

Written By Lucia Hello! Lucia here with what we’ve been doing for the past two weeks. First we spent a week in El Paredon where we worked with La Choza Chula, a sustainable development organization dedicated to improving the community of El Paredon. They funded a school and they provide employment to many people in the community by offering tours around different parts of El Paredon. La Choza Chula gave… Read More

Lots Of Monk No Chat

Written By Claire C. Lots of Monk No Chat (Monk Chat Meditation Retreat) Hello, everyone! Before we get into the juicy stuff, we’ve got to reflect for a second. This trip is halfway through! How was it six weeks ago that we met at the airport, had those do-we-hug-or-do-we-not-because-we’ve-never-met-but-we’ve-snapchatted-what-do-we-do moments (you know what we’re talking about…) and engaged in awkward small talk about the weight of our backpacks. Look how… Read More

Student Directed Travel

Written By Rasheed & Lily Kia Ora! It’s Rasheed and Lily here and we are extremely excited to update everyone on our upcoming adventure. Since our time in Nakuku village, we have been vigorously planning and brainstorming on potential ideas for our week of student directed travel. During student directed travel, us 12 students have come up with an exhilarating itinerary. We have all put in lots of hard work… Read More

Student Directed Travel Week

Written By Sydney Welcome back family and friends! We are happy to say that we are in our Student Directed Travel week, meaning that we students budgeted and planned the whole week. After weeks of planning and excitement building up we were finally able to put our preparation to the test! Following our week with Whinua Iti we headed off to Nelson to quickly get our groceries for the next… Read More

Sustainability In Southeast Asia

Written By Audrey After two rest days in Chiang Rai, we headed North and took a four-hour bus ride to the small town of Thung Chung in the Nan province of Thailand which is about a forty-minute drive from the Thailand-Laos border. The bus ride left the group feeling quite car sick but the gorgeous, lush, and green mountain views were breathtaking. This past week we stayed at the Sahainan… Read More

Gap Year Advantages and Disadvantages

Thinking about taking a gap year after high school?  Or maybe you’ve started college and are wondering if participating in a college gap year program abroad is still something you want to do?  Perhaps you’re weighing your options between a gap travel program, gap year volunteering, gap semester programs or another experience, like study abroad? You’re not alone!  We meet students all the time who are interested in gap year… Read More

Time In Peguche

Written By Daniel and Mira We finally made it out of Tena, the protests ended by some random miracle, as the government agreed to place subsidies back on gas prices. This week, we were more than eager to continue on our program and travel to the indigenous town of Peguche, outside of the city of Otavalo. The week has warmed our hearts, minds, and spirits as we did homestays with… Read More