Dear Carpe Diem Students and Parents,

It’s just a few more days until all our to-be travelers and Overseas Educators will be departing for destinations across the globe. We have been busy preparing the OE’s over the last two weeks while getting all the last minute preparations finished! We are all feeling really great and ready to embark on the myriad journeys that will take place over the next 3 months.

As many of you know, there has been protesting at the US Embassies in many Muslim areas all over the world in the wake of the film “Innocence of Muslims”. While there has been some very minor protests in parts of India and some larger ones in North Africa, however, currently there are no issues in any of the areas where Carpe Diem groups actually go.

As an organization we are 100% committed to ensuring our students and staffs safety. To that end, all of our trips are registered with the Department of State STEP program as well as the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) which allows us access to privileged governmental security information in all of the locations we go. To date there have been no travel nor security advisories in any of the regions we go. We wil be constantly monitoring this situation and adapting our itineraries if necessary, however there is no need to at the moment. In addition to these security and safety measures Carpe Diem programs have been running for 12+ years and we have a large network of contacts and resources “on the ground” everywhere we go. All of those contacts have continued to assure us of the safety in their particular region.

Over the past few years a very few situations have arisen both politically and environmentally that have caused us to alter our itineraries and we are never afraid to make changes when our sources even hint of a concern – again, safety is our first, second, and third priority.

Though it is currently not necessary we want all of you to know that if the need arises we can and will be flexible and adaptable in any situation.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to call me, or anyone at the office and we would be happy to address them on an individual basis.

Happy packing and we can’t wait to begin this journey together!

Yours truly,

Drew Edwards
Executive Director
503 285 1800