From the Healing House, in Cusco Peru!

Hello all!

I am in Cusco, Peru working and living at a Healing House. I spent about a week and a half in Lima staying at the sister house of the Healing House, which is Art House Lima.  I was staying with a fantastic Peruvian family very near the ocean.  I got to see some local music, a water and light show, go to a BioFeria, and partake in fire ceremonies.

The flight from Lima to cusco was full of mountains. Cusco is absolutely beautiful.  Mountains surround the city, and there are ruins you can walk up to rather quickly.  One of them is the Temple of the Moon, which I had to hide in a cave of the other day during a hail storm.  Cusco is cold and it usually rains once a day, but because of the altitude, if the sun is out, it is HOT.

The Healing House, which is in San Blas, is a holistic living space and has daily classes offered such as yoga, tai-chi, meditation, the occassional art workshop, and much more.  They also offer  treatments such as massage, acupuncture, or Reiki which is energy healing. We have a garden with lots of herbs and a hummingbird! I was here for the house´s monthly Dia de Bienestar or wellness day, which offers classes all day for donation or free for Cusquenians.  Last week, the house had its first free clinic for Cusquenians which it will now have each Tuesday.  I have been volunteering doing art with kids a couple times a week at Montay, a house for young girls who had children before the age of 18, often because of being abused, and are living at the house with the children. Additionally, each Saturday we have art, yoga, and music for children which I help out with, then afterwards an adolescent program just started that will be a weekly class about a topic of interest, and those in the group are going to start a new social service project with the house.

I am surrounded by great people, great energy, and the city is unique and wonderful, an interesting mix of Incan culture and tourism due to the city´s proximity to Macchu Picchu.

I bought a guitar and have had one guitar lesson, it is hard! But that is one of my biggest goals while I am here, to learn to play the guitar.

I´ve only actually been in Cusco for just over 2 weeks, so I´m still diving into everything, but the Healing House is a wonderful space! There is an energy here.


Love and Light,