By Yina Chen

We are three weeks into our trip now; this Saturday we will only have two months left. This past week our group drove from Kampala to Kabale. We went to a yoga class, as well as roamed around the streets of the small city before heading up the mountains for five days helping SNEC (Special Needs Education Center). It was an amazing experience as we taught classes, painted a mural, and played with the kids.

We went through a lot of challenges throughout the five days with no running water, having to cook our own meals, and using the bathroom in a ditch. But we woke up to an amazing view of the mountains every morning and the teachers and students at the school were all very sweet. On the last day of the trip, we gave the kids several soccer balls signed with our names and did the macarena that the kids all went wild for. All and all, it was a worthwhile experience where we got to make connections with many of the children and a bonding experience for those in the group.