On to Peru!

Blog from Mark Ahari

Our time in Ecuador is almost up! What better way to spend it than riding the highest and longest zipline in South America! It was definitely a bit daunting at first sight, it was awesome to see everyone conquer it. We spent our final two days at a hostel in Otavalo. We had a lot of time to relax and get some good food before our journey to Peru.

After traveling for 17 hours, we finally made it to Lobitos, a small town on the coast of northern Peru! There, we worked with WAVES,an organization that does a lot of community service work and teaches surfing. We did a lot of community service, such as beach cleanups, cleaning up the school, and painting murals. In the afternoons, we hung out on the beach, took surfing lessons, and watched the sunset. On Sunday, we got up early in the morning, and went out on the water with some local fisherman to fish and make ceviche. It was really fun competing with each other to see who could catch the most fish! And the ceviche was fantastic! We saw some sea lions while we were at it too!

It was an exhausting, but awesome week, and were looking forward for what Peru has in store for us next!