Community, Connection, Meaning, Purpose.

By Overseas Educators Eric and Lolly

It’s difficult to imagine that all our students we have shared rooms, car seats, and experiences with for the past three months are now spread all over the world from Boston to Portland, Tucson to Long Island, and Adelaide to Sydney. We have been reflecting over the past few days of how hard leaving each other was on that courtyard of the Village Glebe in Sydney, Australia. There were smiles, tears and sighs of relief alongside words of endearment and appreciation. The people, places, and stories from our past semester will weave into the journey of our lives in different ways at different times.

We are proud of everyone who came along on this Walkabout with us and shared the breath and spirit of our experience through all the hongis, hangis, handshakes and hugs. We are excited to see how this semester manifests itself in each and every one of you, and to see where it takes you personally as well as emotionally. Remember to enjoy the journey, always be someone who helps, love yourself, appreciate those around you, feed the wolf you want to feed, and to choose happiness. Venerable Psultrim says, “Happiness doesn’t depend on the the circumstance we are in, but how we relate to them.”

Psultrim also shared with us…“Watch your thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions. Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” So be generous in your thoughts!

We are all creators of community, connection, meaning, and purpose. If we could just give a little piece of advice for the road ahead it would be to hit the positivity button and…

Carpe, the diem
(c’mon and) carpe the diem
(c’mon now) carpe the diem
(get up and) carpe the diem
Be true Y’all!!

Your Words of the Week:

Who’s on breakfast crew?

Aroha nui!!!
Eric and Lolly

Shout out Pierre. Shout out Tawhai. Shout out Paul.