Take a Deep Breath

By Overseas Educators Anya & Peter

Greetings from staff training in Portland!

A big welcome to the friends and families that will be following our journey over the coming months. We are eager to begin our journey around the South Pacific with you all in just a few short days! We are in the midst of staff training in Portland and have been working hard to prepare for our adventure ahead and are sure that you all have been preparing in your own ways for this journey. The journey we are about to embark on will push us all in unexpected ways, and will also provide us with countless opportunities to grow as individuals and as a group.

We encourage each of you to take some time to reflect about who you are now, why you are coming on this journey, and the series of choices and actions you will make over the coming months on your path of growth.

Take a deep breath. Smile. Hug your family! Enjoy your last few days at home. Soon we will be heading out on an incredible adventure with a new family. We are so glad you chose to come with us and we can’t wait to actually meet you all next week.