Learning at Las Delicias Farm

Making chocolate at Las Delicias farm.

Alex grinding fresh cacao.

The Carpe Diem group with our hosts at Las Delicias right before departure—now on to the beach for the day!

View from Las Delicias.

Addy helping Clean up plastic used for banana production on Las Delicias.

Down time at Las Delicias with Alejandro, a Spanish instructor, and Alex and Patrick.

We celebrated Ellen’s birthday with a bonfire, singing our favorite songs, surprise birthday cake and an additional surprise cake in the face—an Ecuadorian birthday tradition!

La cosecha! This was a day spent learning and helping with banana production from banana plant to packaged box—these bananas are on their way to the states!

Foraging for our afternoon snack: mandarins!

Plant tattoos on pants while on a walk in la finca.

Patricio our guide, explains the history and importance of these trees to the ecosystem.