Namaste, Shanti Students and Families!

Hello from the Carpe Diem Education Shanti team! It’s been a week well spent in snowy Portland, full of games, laughs, tea and coffee.

As we’re all gearing up for an exciting and transformative trip to mother India, our co-leader team is hard at work planning a great semester for our students, as well as getting to know each other.

We found that we are both lovers of tea, long walks, and not surprisingly, Indian food!

We spent the past few hours packing up our metaphorical suitcase, and have a few stellar packing tips for you, our students.

-Keep some open space in your bags and your minds for encountering new things and the memories you will take home.

-Sturdy shoes are essential to traverse the diverse Indian terrain, but be open to obtain another’s perspective by walking in theirs!

-Eat all of your favorite American foods in order to cleanse the palate, and be ready to experience new cuisines.

We’re excited to meet our wonderful students and begin our life changing journey!

Your Shanti Overseas Educators, Rebecca and Adam