This will be a quick blog to first wish everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! We all just spent the day together, with the feelings of gratefulness emanating from us all about being together…and also for having the love and support from our family and friends at home. So grateful of all of the eye-opening and soul enhancing experiences we have had here.

Also just to let everyone know, we are no where near Mumbai. Our hearts certainly go out to everyone involved in this horrible situation….

We are in Kolkata (after returning from our amazing stay in the Andamans which the students will be writing about shortly), and will be leaving on a long but nonetheless exciting trainride tomorrow night to Agra. We all seem to be in disbelief that our time is almost over here…trying to savor our last amount of time both in India and together.

You will defintitely be hearing from us shortly…but until then….enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for us:))))))

much love..

Suzanne and Shangu