5 Nights In Bangkok and a Moken Village

Hello one and all-
Completed our student ran free travel which we spent exploring the vast complexities of Bangkok. It was a little hard getting used to the city life, which was far more hectic than Chiang Mia. Regardless the city was great. Spent one of the days doing a cooking course which varied with 10 courses and a trip to the market to know what we were using. And with all the travel and work, Team Seasia had a date night; which included dinner and a movie (James Bond). But don’t worry, thats where the date ended. After a few more days exploring Bangkok we bused down to Ranong to start work with the Mirror Foundation on the Moken People’s Island of Koh Payam. The Moken People are known as “Sea Gypsies” and have been ocean dwelling people for several hundred years. But know with the world changing they have settled on some small Thia islands, although not very welcome. With our time with them we worked on several projects including building a housing shelter for their power generator, laying a cement foundation around the well making it easier to bathe, dug a huge pond which will soon become a fish farm, and finally help lay a huge cement foundation around another town building. All in all we kept very busy and enjoyed our time with them, and they informed us we are welcome anytime. And with that we leave you to go S.C.UB.A.!!!!!!!!!
So until next time….