Namaste from the forest of bliss….. also known as Varanasi or Banaras.
We have grown accustomed to our daily routine in Varanasi which includes Hindi class in the morning, followed by a delicious meal cooked by Shantiji (the cook in our hostel), and then a slu of internships and exploration. This morning however, we strayed from our routine and woke up at 5:00 a.m.. We groggily headed down to the Ganges river where we were greeted by children selling candles. We hopped onto a rowboat, and our tour began. All around us life was happening. Men and women alike joined at the mouth of the river to bathe themselves in the holy water. Women were drenched in their saris and men were much more scantily clad, wearing underwear of sorts. The sun was rising like a brilliant hot coal in the sky, and we were fortunate enough to witness all of it. During the day Varanasi appears to be hectic and crazy, but watching
morning rituals you can feel that Varanasi has a soul, and that it resides in the Ganges.

Sadly, we have to depart from this intriguing city by the river and continue on our journey. We are leaving with newly acquired skills and beautiful images to remember forever.