Farewell from the Airport
Farewell from the Airport

Hello Parents and followers of Carpe Diem Walkabout FANZ blog,

We just received word from Robbie and Katelyn that the students have departed Cairns, Australia for their long journey back home. This marks the end of this program, but not the end to the growth, friendships, and knowledge gained during these past 3 months. We (including the leaders) wish the best for all participants and hope that everyone will continue to “carpe” the diem in their next steps whether it be college, work, or on another program.

Carpe Diem HQ is here to support in any manner needed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope there will be plenty of smiles and stories to share even through the jet lag.  Robbie and Katelyn will be following up with another blog about the group’s last week and all the experiences during SCUBA.

Safe Travels,
Adam and HQ