A Long Weekend In Granada

Written By Kayla

Hey everyone! It’s Kayla coming at you! I get to tell ya´ll all about our few short, exciting days in Granada!

To start, real quick I wanted to mention our Secret Easter Bunny exchange. We planned a little bit before Easter a secret santa type game where we all drew names and had to make that person an Easter basket and write a nice note to them. Then the day after Easter we exchanged the with each other. It was such a fun memory!

When we arrived in Granada we hung out in our cool little bed and breakfast apartment and had lots of mini dance parties in our little living room. During our first full day here had a street tour of the city, in which it started pouring rain right in the beginning, but a little rain doesn’t stop us! (except Sheldon) It was a fun way to learn about the city and how to get around during the short time we are here.

Thursday night we went out to a Flamenco dancing show! Flamenco dancing is traditionally with a guitar player, and two women dressed in fun, wavey, colorful dresses. One of them sings, and the other dances the Flamenco style dancing. We watched the show in a small, crowded restaurant with a tiny stage. The guitarist was amazing, I had never seen a man pick a guitar like him! The songs were also so unique and the woman singing had a beautiful voice, and the dancer made the whole show complete with her incredible gown dancing shoes! Truly a great experience I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear or two…

The next day, we had the opportunity to visit the famous Alhambra. It is a beautiful royal Islamic palace, located on the top of a large hill in Granada with amazing views of the city and mountains. The inside is decorated with beautiful stone work that dates back to 13th Century. After exploring the palace, we went out for one of Spain’s most traditional meals; Tapas! The Tapas we ate was a plate of multiple dishes. We basically walked down a street filled with restaurants and Sheldon goes, “how about this one guys?” and we all walked into a tiny little bar where we got drinks and ate tapas together. Definitely another very traditional Spanish thing to do.

Besides eating lots of Gelato ice cream, and chocolate dipped Churros, we also spent a lot of time in museums! We got to visit museums that showed Flamenco dancing history, as well as a beautiful church museum where the tombs of Queen Isabella and her family are buried.

Overall we have enjoyed a lot of fun activities this week. There is so much to do in this quick moving city of Granada, we spent a lot of time shopping for fun souvenirs and great restaurants. Aaaaand we are excited as we prepare to walk the Camino!

See you all in less than 2 weeks! (but who’s counting)

Favorites of Granada by everyone:

Kayla: “My favorite part of Granada was finally being able to buy strawberries; I love strawberry season!”

Clemente: “My vote is Tapas.”

Vanesia: “The Alhambra palace was my favorite because I felt like a queen when taking photos.”

Tori: “My favorite part of Granada was getting to see flamenco. It was truly amazing to see. Can´t wait for the Camino!”

Geoff: “The Flamenco guitarists hands looked like the legs of a spider.”

Eliana: “Great city to get lost walking around.”

Gina: “I’m always happy to get caught in a rainstorm during a walking tour around town.”

Brandis: “Went to 4 museums, had a chill day by myself, ate some ice cream; a good day!”

Kate: “I really enjoyed our street city tour and learning about Granada from our guide, Laura. It was interesting to see the mix of Islamic and Christian influences.”

Sheldon: “Great thrift shopping for fake Gucci head scarfs.”


Secret Easter celebrations with the group!


Shot by Brandis of a chapel inside a museum.


Flamenco dancing in Granada.


View from the top of The Alhambra.
Kayla and Eliana at the Alhambra with a view of Granada.


Kate at the Alhambra.


The reflecting pool in the Nasrid Palace in the Alhambra.


Tori, Sheldon, and Eliana in the Nasrid Palace right after Tori accidentally stepped in a fountain, a pastime of many of the members of this group.