A Mystical Week

By Tavish and Eli

The week began in Xela, and with Spanish classes complete, we are all eager to explore the city of Xela. Some students decided to climb the famous Santa Maria volcano, one of Guatemala’s tallest and most formidable climbs. Others decided to hang back and spend the day in Xela. With a volcano conquered and Xela thoroughly explored, the group decided to attend a superchivas soccer game versus club municipal, the club’s biggest rival. The club’s ultras (fan section) was at full strength with chants, flares, and fireworks all present. Some students joined in on the fun and the game was quite a cultural experience.

When the final whistle blew the group traveled to the Mystical Yoga Farm on Lago Atitlan. The mystical three days were highlighted by yoga, hammocks, vegan meals, swimming in the lake, live music, a sauna, tea ceremony, meditation, and a day in complete silence. The three days were a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle the city of Xela provided. Instead of being woken by car horns and dogs barking, we awoke to birds chirping and flutes playing. Along with our meditation and yoga, we learned about permaculture and the advantages of a vegan lifestyle. With healthy bodies and healthy minds, the group traveled to beautiful Antigua. With its beautiful architecture, busy markets, and delicious foods, we hiked volcano Pacaya, enjoyed a chocolate-making class, and attended a salsa workshop, where we learned how to move to the sounds of Antigua. The next step of our journey will consist of service work and walking on the sand beaches of El Paredon, Guatemala.

Sending good vibrations from this week’s voces de Carpe Diem!

The whole MAYA team with the beautiful Lago Atitlan in the background.

Early morning, while looking over lago Atitlan, the group participated in meditation and yoga at Mystical Yoga Farm.

Fans celebrate by lighting fireworks, dancing, and chanting songs prior to Xela’s futbol game against rival Guatemala City.