A Week From A to Z

Written By Vanesia

Salaam! Welcome back to our blog, we have Vanesia on the mic today representing the Salaam group. We started off our week relaxing at Chez Yahia in Aghbalou and watching American movies. We then headed out to Amizmiz where we started our three-day trekking experience, and if I could explain what the week looked like in alphabetical order this is how I would put it:

A – Are we really trekking for 3 days straight?
B – Brandis is captain
C – Clemente said, “Wassup y’all?”
D – Dj Kate on the aux
E – Eliana’s poop is coming
F – Friday already? I am tired of CousCous
G – Gina said, “Woah”
H – Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate
I – “It is time for another break” after 10 minutes of hiking
J – Janet, the name of Eliana’s hip
K – Kayla said, “Guys, I’m scared”
L – Latifa, our Trek Queen
M – “Mountain men, mountain men, we are mountain men”
N – Nature pee
O – Orange peels covering the Atlas mountains like confetti
P – “Please drink 2 liters of water a day”
Q – Quitting is for losers
R – “Rate your poop on a scale of 0-5”
S – Steripen your water
T – Tori said, “Let’s have a movie night”
U – Uniting together for each others needs
V – Vanesia said, “And who gon stop me?”
W – Where is Geoff’s 4 of hearts card?
X – Xtra snacks in your day pack
Y – “You guys, let’s wait for Sheldon”
Z – Zig zag through the Atlas mountains

Now please enjoy these beautiful portraits taken by our Salaam group members.


Brandis being casual.


Gina chilling in the art museum.


Off guard of Sheldon


Kate fetching water for the sand mermaid as a real woman should.


Vanesia being a queen.
Tori admiring Coke Zero from afar.


Geoff swears he’s a model.


Clemente stealing Vanesias camera for a selfie.


Kayla in the Atlas Mountains showing off her famous poker face.


Eliana taking off guard selfies of herself because she can’t figure out the camera.