Adiós de Amanda y David

Just as the 40-minute flight was too short of a transition away from Cuba, so were the quick goodbyes at the Miami airport. We (David and Amanda) just missed our connecting flight out of Philly, so we’re in limbo before the next one down to VA, which perhaps is a good reflection of the internal limbo we feel… not quite ready to depart from the unique sensación de Cuba. We can still feel the sizzling sun on our skin; the sounds of ‘taxi, taxi’ or ‘wi-fi card’ or ‘de donde eres?’, the tastes of mango, piña and guava on the tongue; the beautiful expressions of the setting sun with salsa or reggaeton playing in the background; the comfort of sitting down in a circle to hear the familiar laughs and antics of each of you, and the update from all about the ebbs and flows of body, mind and heart. It’s difficult to swallow the reality that we’ll just have to wish each of you well from afar as you awake again and again to a new day, each full of possibility for interaction and inspiration and wonder. You amaze us—you each have the clay you need to sculpt magic… may you always remember the water, and enjoy your creative processes of unfolding. 🙂