Adventures in New Zealand

Hello all!

We have just finished an amazing yet tiring week of student directed travel. Over the past three days we have spent fifteen hours in vans and three on a boat if that paints a picture for you. After finishing a fantastic week with Whenua Iti, we embarked on our self made journey. However, our plan quickly wen haywire when we found out the main road we needed to take down to the south end of the south island of New Zealand was closed so we completely replanned the entire week after weeks of preparations. That did not damage our spirit, and we reinvented an entirely new itinerary which I can say worked out marvelously. We made our way down the island, making camping stops by the Franz Josef glacier and other beautiful places along the way. Most of the campsites we stayed at had no kitchen facilities so we decided to make the greatest cold cut sandwiches of all time. Once we made it all the way down the island we unfortunately had to drive all the way up to catch a ferry over to the north island which was much less fun than the drives down the island. We got to spend a nice recovery day in the New Zealand capital of Wellington where we found the greatest burgers of all time (Josh, Cooper, and I each had four on the day). Then today we drove another seven hours from Wellington to Hamilton. We hope everything is going great at all of our respective homes. See ya soon. Peter Kelsh