An Exceptional Week at SNEC

By Maddie and Hanya

Hello family and friends,

It has been an exceptional week at SNEC (The School for Special Needs Kids here in Uganda). We met all different kids with many different disabilities whether that be mental or physical. Every kid stole our hearts. We loved being able to work with them and helping them with different school subjects such as Math and we even did some Art lessons.

Not only were we hanging with the kids we were also helping build the floor of the workshop classroom, which was a lot of manual labor but we did help get it finished! On top of all of that, we were able to stay in a house with an amazing view and live in the middle of the green hills for a few days. Since there are no take-out restaurants in the middle of the hills we had to cook all of our own meals for the week. We had different groups for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. A huge shout out to our OE Fredrick for his amazing cooking skills and leading us through a week of our own meal planning.

What goes in must come out and unfortunately for us it had to come out it an 8×5 hole in the ground in a small shed filled with wasps and flies. Please try to imagine how bad it smelled. This morning we had to say some very hard goodbyes with the new friends we made but our spirits are still high as we prepare for our multi-day trek through Lake Bunyonyi.