And so it begins.

By Overseas Educators Sarah and Matt

Hongi Crew!

Our adventure through the South Pacific is almost upon us! Thoughts of this and you and all the beautiful people and places we will soon be exploring have gotten us practically dizzy with excitement. From exploring our dreams under the stars in the Outback, to working side by side with our Fijian homestay families, to planting our feet in the wilds of New Zealand, the magic is about to begin, and all it takes is a little dash of curiosity to make it happen. We can’t wait to begin. First though, we encourage you to enjoy these final few days with friends and family, to ground a little deeper into that community before we take flight into the new one we will soon be forming. None of us could have gotten where we are now without the support of those behind us; and soon that crowd will be just a little bit thicker, a little bit more sun tanned and certainly a lot more prone to speaking in bursts of Australian slang.


See you all soon.

Blue Skies,
Sarah and Matt