hola a todos..ya estamos de vuelta en Kampala..todo fenomenal! anyways..were doing great so far..last night Kevin and i tried posting something we wrote but apparently something went wrong and it never really got posted! sorry about that.. anyways..we were sayiung that Fort Portal was amazing..part of the group got to work at Roses(one of the girls that worked for Carol Adams)house building a chiken coop and the other half of the group built a cow shed at Mana Rescue Home,which serves as home for children who are HIV positive.It was a great experience and can assure that by now, most of us are either expert cement mixers or cualified carpenters..We are now ready to move on to our next project,conservation project, in Jinja. Hopefully we will go rafting tomorrow since we are all really looking forward to it and have a great time! we will keep you posted as often as possible..
Andrea(aka the spaniard)