Arizona Shmerizona

To our lovely Borderlands family,

Hey! We have a fun fact for you all: we drove 4,375 miles in the last eight weeks! (Soooo, how many of those miles were spent singing Lady Gaga? Some of you definitely just said, “too many”, some of you definitely just said, “not enough”.) But seriously! Wow! 4,375 miles! And we never left Arizona. And why would we?! In lands as vast as Arizona provides, we experienced so much of what Arizona inhabits. From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the peaks of the Rincon Mountains, the vast sprawl of the Sonoran Desert to the dense forest of juniper pines, from the untouched boulder landscape of the Cochise Stronghold to the sobering steel wall cutting through Ambos Nogales. From the rock structures at BRN’s nature preserve to the rock structures at the community garden to the rock structures at Deep Dirt to the rock structures at the regenerative ranch to the rock structures at… This land has cared for us and nurtured us, teaching us it’s spirited ways and challenging us to grow in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

But now it is time to leave and as we brought you all to the airport this morning, we can’t help but think of all the ways each of you have also nurtured this experience with your spirited ways.

To Leila, with her authentic self and beautiful honesty that brought realness to each day.

To Sophie, with her bold and unapologetic questions of life and her laughter.

To Petar, with his appreciation of the natural beauty of the world and his vulnerability.

To Kerri, with a constant joke on her lips and a constant twinkling sincerity in her eye.

To Eli, with his gift of sharing knowledge of the world (and the best dishwasher management ever?)

To Lily, with her consistency and reliability, moving us towards a goal and laughing along the way.

To Jacob, with his calm, constant leadership and his energy to always lend a hand to anyone in need.

To Rachel, with her attention to detail and her laughing, loving support.

To Elsie, with her deep genuineness and her passion for change and cause.

To Mari, with her profound love for all living things and sharing her giggles with all

To Freya, with insight in her perspectives and insight in her interactions and questions

We are so grateful that we have been blessed with spending the last eight weeks with all of you. We were touched by the size of your hearts and your dedication to your learning (and the depth of your jokes about bodily functions). You all are eleven lights in our lives that have brought ease and happiness, pushing out darkness in a year of challenge and hardship.

Keep in touch! Text us your thrift store finds, email us the new favorite recipes, call us to tell us about your new adventures. We will miss you immensely.

Blessings, love, and primo memo times to you all,

Kate and Adam

From awkward first moments…
to teary eyed final moments.
Arizona loves you lots!
And we love you lots, too!