Arriving in Africa has been very exciting, overwhelming and amazing. There are so many words I could use to describe the emotions and ideas I have thus far attached with this beautiful and intriguing place. We landed in Dar es Salaam then took a bus ride to the town of Morogoro just below the Uluguru Mts. We have started orientation and have already experienced awesome things, such as emerging ourselves in this culture through conversing, eating and exploring.

Yesterday we walked up into the mountains and found gorgeous waterfall. Led by a group of young Tanzanians, we were taken to the waterfall with a small swimming pool just below it. It was beautiful to both see the waterfall and play with these children. Although we all come from different cultures and areas of the world, we all came together through nature. We got to interacted with these young kids and, had an amazing time with them. Facebook names were shared, jewelry was traded and we all loved it very much. It was an incredible experience.