Australia ^-^

By Nico and Oliver

For those of you who emailed headquarters, yes we are still alive!

After a challenging two weeks in Fiji, we arrived in the beautiful city of Newcastle. The change in pace was dramatic but offered the opportunity to recover from illness. Much needed. Our evenings were spent eating familiar foods, watching movies, and relaxing. Many of us admired Australia’s strikingly beautiful landscapes and were excited to collaborate with Conservation Volunteers of Australia, where we took part in restoring some of the unique, local ecosystems.

We got stuck in the mud trudging around in the wetlands and explored some beautiful coastal rainforests. The city itself also had lots to offer, and the group spent time eating at the local cafes, shopping at second-hand stores, spending time at the beach, and eating gelato. Our first week in Australia flew by, and we are beginning to realize that our time together is coming to a close. We are focused on making the most of our time together and are ready to embark on our next chapter in Australia: the Outback.